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If you’re a parent with a child who’s being tutored online, you want to ensure that your child is getting the most out of each tutoring session. After all, tutors can not only improve academic performance, they can also boost a child’s confidence and create better behavior in the classroom. One of the best ways […]

Everyone loves a summer holiday, but most educators believe parents should be concerned about the effect that the long break between school years can have on a child’s learning progress. Experts call this the “Summer Brain Drain,” emphasizing that students are sacrificing the gains they have made in their education over a summer lacking in […]

The popularity of online learning has really taken off in recent years thanks to the many benefits of this kind of learning. For several reasons, online tutoring is a great way to help kids who are struggling at school and has become a big hit with both children and their parents. A High-Tech Way to […]

For an effective learning experience, an online tutor uses multiple educational tools during an online tutoring session. An online tutoring program permits students to find the right tutor at the right price, regardless of geographical or other constraints or issues. For online tutors, whether free-lancers or those in the employ of a well-known tutoring firm, […]