How To Effectively Manage Your Child’s Education

October 25, 2023

Managing your child’s education isn’t difficult, but it is something that many parents fail to do effectively. Online Tutoring programs allows you to manage your child’s education in an effective manner.

While there are hundreds of tips and tricks that could be of use to you, there really are only three major things to remember to keep your child on track to receive the best education available – communication, repetition, and critical thinking. If you focus your efforts in these three places and incorporate them into everything you do, your child will be ahead of the game.

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It may seem a bit like a no-brainer, but communication is the absolute key to making sure your child is making the most out of the available educational opportunities. This means being on a first-name basis with your child’s teacher(s) and knowing exactly what the lesson plans are going to be so you can be ready to field any questions your child may have.

It’s also important to keep the communication lines with your child open. When you show interest in what your child is doing, it validates the importance of their work. Not only will you be validating the work, you’ll also be able to point real-world examples out and show your child that what is being taught in school really is vitally important.


In addition to great communication, repetition is a key to student success. Sure, having seen something in class once and discussed it may work for some students, but the majority don’t pick up on things this instantaneously. This is where you, as a parent, have an opportunity to help your child learn. You can take the lessons being taught and create additional materials that reinforce these lessons. While this isn’t an overarching management technique, it absolutely makes a difference. The more often that a child does something, hears something or reads something, the more likely it is to be remembered.

The biggest challenge with repetition is having the time to come up with activities for your child to do. This is where the help of an experienced tutor is invaluable. When you simply don’t have the time you’d like to dedicate to your child’s education, an online tutoring program is the best way to get the repetition and extra practice that is necessary for your child to excel.

Critical Thinking

While children in kindergarten aren’t quite ready to dive directly into a full-scale critical thinking session, it’s never too early to start asking them to come up with their own explanations for things. Asking your child what he or she thinks before giving them the answer makes them think about all of the possible answers first. Learning how to reason from the question to the answer is an essential skill for dealing with problems all through life. When you are managing your child’s education, the ability to reason should be at the top of the list.

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Managing your child’s education isn’t difficult, but it is something that many parents fail to do effectively. By remembering the three main facets of a good education – communication, repetition, and critical thinking – you’ll be well on your way to making sure your child gets the most out of the education experience.

What Parents Can Do to Improve Their Child’s Chances of College Acceptance through Online Tutoring Program?

Online tutoring program can help your child’s chances at getting into the college of their choice. It isn’t just a matter of improving their grade point averages. While scholastic achievement counts, schools want to see students who have a deep desire to learn and explore in education. The importance of the application essay cannot be understated. This is where online tutoring program really shine.

Personal Learning Styles

While no student is locked into one learning style, it is true that most people prefer to learn in one of three specific ways. They’re auditory, visual or kinesthetic learners and naturally rely on different skills to glean and retain information. Online tutors can help your child determine their personal learning preferences and put them to work in the classroom through the effective online tutoring program.

Once in practice, the results can be noted for themselves. These kinds of experiments are rich fodder for application essays with impact. Wow, the admissions team by showing them proof of intelligence, determine and innovation.

Class Selection

Admissions teams look at more than just your student’s average grades or how they rank up against the other students in their school. They also look at the kinds of classes students take. Sailing through remedial math and English 101 won’t make your child’s attendance anywhere high priority.

If you feel your child may have trouble in an advanced or accelerated environment or hasn’t attempted this kind of course in the past, an online tutoring program can help them do well. An online tutor can also help them figure out time management, good study habits and prepare for year-end tests with the potential for earning college credits, like the AP and CLEP exams.

Addressing Difficulties

Admission counselors take the whole picture into consideration. They typically review three full years’ worth of studies. Before the last semester of your child’s junior year, review their grades. Which classes have they stumbled in? If math has been an obstacle, have they been avoiding new math classes? Have you noticed a general decline in their grades? Online tutoring program can help deal with these issues and turn them around in time to make a good impression.

Many students who perform well in high school wing up struggling in college. They aren’t used to challenging courses. They’ve never needed to study. They haven’t had the same kind of courses and aren’t ready for the same kind of work. Parents can help their children stand out be demonstrating they’re willing and able to succeed.

For more information on giving your child a leg up in the selection process, visit GrowingStars.com and sign up for our advanced online tutoring program.

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