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Embark on a transformative learning journey with our affordable online biology tutoring. Explore the fundamental principles of life, from cellular processes to ecosystems, in this comprehensive biology course. Gain a deep understanding of biological concepts and their applications in diverse fields.

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What You’ll Learn

Our Biology tutoring can help your student succeed in this discipline by connecting your student to an experienced biology tutor. Working in a one-on-one environment, your student can move at the pace that they need to go in order to learn the material.

  • Concepts in evolution
  • Chemical composition of cells
  • Enzymes
  • DNA replication
  • Plant reproduction
  • Animal development
  • Heredity
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Biology Tutoring Overview

Biology is considered one of the natural sciences. Its main focus is on living organisms, covering topics that range from evolution to the basic structure of the cell. Physiologic processes are also covered, from energy conversion to how DNA is made. This field is rather old, with ancient Greeks studying the human body and its functions. The field really started to blossom in the 1700s, when Carl Linnaeus’ work was translated and able to be shared with the masses. Through the development of the microscope, cells could be visualized and studied, providing more information about bacteria, cells, and other microscopic life forms.

As science has advanced, so too has our understanding of the world around us. In recent history, there has been a veritable explosion of study in topics such as genetics. Because this field is so big, there’s a lot for you to learn and study, making a tutor invaluable. Within the main field of biology, there are more specialized fields of study, such as ecology and the study of the environment, animal physiology, and the study of plants or botany. With all of these different branches, it can be important to find a private tutor to help your student succeed in their quest for knowledge.

When to Study Biology

Most schools teach biology in high school, but it’s never too early to start tutoring in biology-based subjects. In fact, students as young as kindergarteners learn about plants and animals, with future science courses building upon their knowledge. Your student may learn about everything from information about different animals as aspects of zoology, and extending into a knowledge of prehistoric species in the study of paleontology.

Biology tends to be a subject taught in its own right around the sophomore year in high school, so that’s an excellent time for you to look into getting your student a biology tutor. In addition to our tutors working with students to understand basic biology concepts, they will help your student learn to apply their knowledge and go deeper in-depth. Our tutors will even help your student develop a study plan to enhance their knowledge between tutoring sessions.

A Biology Curriculum

When studying Biology, there are a variety of topics that will be covered. Some of the main topics in a general biology course are understanding the different levels of species organization and classification, learning the structures of cells and their functions, understanding basic laws of genetics and how to apply principles of chromosomal inheritance, explaining the difference in RNA and DNA and how they are synthesized etc. Keep in mind that our tutors can help your student understand more than just these topics, as determined by your student’s course of study.

Why Get a Biology Tutor?

In addition to helping your student with coursework, our biology tutors can help your student be more prepared for classroom and standardized assessments. By working with one of our one-on-one tutors, your student will get a personalized development and learning plan, helping your student target their focus of study on concepts that they need help with. Our tutors can also help determine how your student will learn best, teaching them to apply these concepts and using real world examples. An added advantage of using one of our private tutors is that they can help you learn to efficiently cover the material, which can help you with time management when taking timed assessments.

When your student uses our one-on-one biology tutors, they are able to focus on the material at hand and ask the questions they need to in order to understand the biological concepts. Rather than feel embarrassed about asking questions, they can be assured that the tutor is there to help them get all of the answers they need. The tutoring session will move at your student’s pace rather than the pace dictated by a state-recognized curriculum.

Our biology tutors can help your student with understanding scientific concepts and preparing your student for exams with practice tests and lecture-style sessions, all depending on how they learn best. Our biology tutors will work with your student to find the method that helps them learn the best.

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