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Discrete Math explores foundational mathematical concepts essential for computer science, cryptography, and algorithm design, covering topics such as logic, set theory, combinatorics, and graph theory. Students develop problem-solving skills and logical reasoning crucial for tackling real-world computational challenges.

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What You’ll Learn

If your student is learning discrete math, they may find themselves struggling with the subject material. Working with an online discrete math tutor provides your student with individualized help in learning to master the material. Discrete math may be used in a variety of fields, but that doesn’t answer what this mathematics field actually is. It is a type of math that revolves around objects that are only able to assume a distinct and separate value, unlike calculus, which is more continuous. This math field can be beneficial for students learning electrical engineering or computer programming.

  • Logic
  • Proofs
  • Information Theory
  • Graph Theory
  • Group Theory

Many students also struggle with this type of material because it seems harder to apply and less useful than other mathematics, so they may feel like they won’t ever use the material that they are learning. One of the advantages of working with a discrete math tutor is that they can work to help keep your student interested and engaged in the material. They can work with them to understand how to use the material from a practical standpoint, while a professor may only be able to brush over these details, rather than going into depth about them.

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Learning Discrete Math

When your student is learning discrete math, it can be a challenge. This math is very different from other types of math, such as algebra and calculus, which means that it can be even more challenging for your student to get a firm handle on the material. Working with a discrete mathematics tutor can help your student overcome some of the difficulties inherent in learning it. A problem many students face when they are taking a challenging course such as discrete math is that professors may cover the material too quickly to keep pace with the syllabus.

Students may not have enough time to ask questions, and in most classrooms, teachers do not have time to work with each student individually because of the number of students in the classroom. Students who can’t keep pace or receive personalized discrete mathematics help will tend to fall behind in their studies.

Working with an online discrete math tutor will help because they will work with your student on an individual level. Our tutoring is personalized to your individual student’s needs. They will work together one-on-one to learn the material at your student’s own pace. When they get to a topic that your student struggles with, the tutor can spend more time covering that material from multiple angles until your student understands it. When working with topics that your student already understands, less time needs to be spent covering the material, so it can be gone over relatively quickly and move beyond to other topics.

There are many reasons for your student to look for a tutor for discrete math help to learn the material, and there are many reasons why your student hasn’t wanted to work with a tutor, such as not wanting to admit they need help. Our discrete mathematics tutors are understanding of your student’s needs and will help work with them. There’s no need to feel embarrassed or worried about asking questions and reviewing material more than once while learning. It’s all part of the learning process, and our tutors understand that.

Our tutors can go over much more than just a review of the material. They can work with your student on time management strategies and other test-taking strategies, such as how to handle a difficult question. Some examples of Discrete Math Exercises are poker scenarios, truth tables, proving identities, dice rolling scenarios, solving proofs by induction, and discrete math counting problems.

During a test prep session, our discrete math tutors can review the course syllabus and material with your student to help them develop a study plan. Then they can review the individual topics that will be covered on the exam or work on sample problems to ensure your student is ready for the test. Working with our tutors gets around some of the problems that students have when learning discrete math in a classroom setting.

For many students, the professor may not teach the subject in a way that coincides with their particular learning style. This can mean that the material doesn’t make much sense to the student, especially when many teachers only have time to teach the material in one way with so much material to cover. Our online discrete math tutors can work with your student to learn the material, teaching it in more than one way if needed to help them master the material and get their questions answered.

Discrete math tutoring can also be useful because the tutor can adapt their teaching style to how your student learns best. It doesn’t matter whether your student is a visual learner, a verbal learner, or a physical learner: their discrete math tutor can help work with them in a way that they will understand the material.