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Differential Equations explores mathematical models of change, covering ordinary and partial differential equations to understand dynamic phenomena in various fields, from physics to engineering.

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What You’ll Learn

When your student is in college, they may be studying a variety of mathematics topics, such as differential equations. Our tutors can help your student optimize their study efforts, regardless of whether you’re in an advanced high school course or studying mathematics in college.

  • The Euler Method
  • Fourier Transformation
  • Slope Field
  • Wave Equations
  • Power Series

Differential equations are a type of mathematical equation. They relate a function to a derivative, hence the name. The equation defines and describes the relationship between the derivative and their function. They have a variety of uses, such as explaining how populations change. Differential equations tend to be challenging to understand and apply, so working with a personal differential equations tutor can help your student learn to utilize these equations with confidence.

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How Is Working With a Tutor Different From Studying in a Classroom?

Different degree programs utilize differential equations, including engineering, the natural sciences, and mathematics. Likewise, students studying for a range of different career fields may need to take a course in differential equations or a course that utilizes them, such as Calculus 2. These career fields may include meteorology, automobile design, engineering, and economics. Working with a one-on-on tutor in differential equations can help your student work towards their academic, and later career, goals.

Working with a private tutor is very different than learning in a classroom. When you’re in a classroom, the instructor will try to answer everyone’s questions, but it is impossible to provide the same level of personalized instruction that you can receive when working with a private tutor.

The classroom instructor usually has a timeline that they must follow to ensure all coursework is completed by the end of the term, which can mean that many students don’t gain mastery of the topics without additional help. A private tutor teaches in a different way. They will start by understanding what you need to learn and what your learning style is. This helps them tailor how they tutor directly to you.

For students that learn better through auditory means, the tutor may spend a good deal of time teaching in a lecture format. Regardless of how your student learns, our private tutor will develop a customized learning plan that is designed to cover the material your student needs to learn in a way that they learn best.

The course teacher or professor may offer office hours or time during class to answer questions, but it is rare to find a situation when they have time to give each student the individualized attention they need. During your student’s tutoring sessions, there is plenty of time to ask and answer questions, as well as review more challenging concepts in detail. As your student begins to understand the material better, the course of study can be modified in the tutoring session to cover new educational needs.

Another difference that you will find between private tutoring sessions and classroom learning is how the sessions are scheduled. Courses tend to be scheduled following the needs of the school, not the individual students, and students must change their schedules for other courses or jobs accordingly. Working with a private tutor allows you to find a time that works with your student’s schedule, such as evenings or mornings, or even on weekends.

We make it quite easy to get started working with a tutor. Contact us today to get partnered with a differential equations tutor who can work with your schedule. We offer sessions in our convenient online learning portal, so your student can learn in any environment that they have internet access, from home or the dorm to the library or a coffee shop. You’ll just have to log into the learning platform, and your student will be able to see and hear their tutor in real-time, allowing them to get timely answers to their questions and work on practice problems.

It can be hard to find someone on your campus to work with on your schedule, but our remote learning allows you to connect with someone around the world who can tutor you in differential equations. This broadens the scope of potential skilled candidates who can work with your student to learn differential equations. This helps, especially when you are already juggling courses, studying, family obligations, and even jobs.