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This Spanish tutoring course provides comprehensive language instruction, covering essential grammar, vocabulary, and conversational skills, fostering fluency and cultural understanding for effective communication in Spanish.

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What You’ll Learn

Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world. If your student is in a Spanish class, they may benefit from working with a Spanish tutor. While on the surface, Spanish does not necessarily seem that difficult, it can be a tricky language to learn. There is a multitude of benefits to working with a tutor on learning this Romance language. If you’re not already familiar with the format of the Romance languages, such as Spanish and Italian, the rules of Spanish may seem confusing.

As an example, nouns are generally preceded by a gender specific article. Learning which nouns are feminine and masculine is just one area of complex study when learning Spanish. Verb conjugation can also be difficult, with different rules based on gender and plurality for each of the different tenses. In addition, some of these verbs are considered irregular verbs, making the language extra confusing.

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Studying Spanish

Conversing in a language is very different from studying it in a textbook, and it can be quite tricky. Our online Spanish tutors will work with your student to master the material and also learn things like colloquialisms so they are prepared to speak with a native speaker. Working with a tutor can also give your student real-world experience with the language, as the language is generally spoken at a faster pace than what might be used in the classroom.

Through our learning platform, your online Spanish tutor is able to work with your student with one-on-one dialogue, and they may even be able to help when you are speaking to make sure that your accent is more authentic. This is especially beneficial when your student reaches higher levels of Spanish courses, where the language may be the only thing spoken in the classroom, with no English allowed.

You can rest assured that our tutors are fully qualified before they ever interact with your student. We ensure that they are highly qualified for the tutoring position, and they are assessed on more than just their language abilities. They have to be able to communicate effectively with their students, making the online Spanish tutoring sessions much more effective.

Our tutors work with a variety of people, not just students. If you are a traveler who is looking to go to a Spanish-speaking country or an entrepreneur who wants to add being multilingual to their repertoire, our tutors can help you. By working with one of our Spanish-speaking tutors, your student is able to acclimate to these differences.

Our online Spanish tutoring is also an effective way for your student to learn because our tutors tailor the learning sessions specifically to your student’s needs. We know that everyone learns a different way, so working with our tutors allows your student to learn and the way that is most effective for them. Some students may have more of an active learning style, meaning they need to take what they have learned and immediately put it into practice, which they can certainly do with their tutors.

Others are more visual learners and may benefit from working through flashcards and diagrams of sentence structure to really learn the material. Some reflective learners need to think through the material and understand it before they can apply it, so these people may be given lots of examples with the differences explained to them before they can apply the material.

You just can’t get our customized learning plans in a standard classroom because there are too many students and not enough one-on-one attention, but working with our tutors can rectify that issue. Another benefit of our Spanish-language tutoring is that the tutoring can be tailored to your student’s specific pacing requirements and needs. If one student is struggling or has advanced past the material, a teacher cannot change the curriculum just for that one person. Our online Spanish tutors, however, can adjust the personalized lesson plans specifically for your student.