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Embark on a transformative learning journey with our affordable online grammar tutoring. Our grammar tutoring helps student to develop strong grammatical skills through practical exercises and real-world applications.

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What You’ll Learn

Writing and Grammar can be a difficult subject to master, and it is taught in many different grades, with some schools focusing specifically on grammar in certain classes. Contact us today to see how our English grammar tutors can help your student master this tricky subject. Grammar can be a hard subject to define. It is the system or rules that govern a language. It regulates how sentences are combined and how words are used within a language. There are many parts to sentences and part of mastering grammar is understanding the parts of a sentence and how to diagram them.

  • Comma usage
  • Semi-colon usage
  • Colon usage
  • Hyphens versus en-dash versus em-dash
  • Terminal sentence punctuation including exclamation points and periods
  • Other punctuation marks

Knowing grammar will help you be successful in a language. Your student will likely also learn proofreading marks as they move through school. Having this information at the ready will help them to interpret their teacher’s notes on their assignments, such as needing to capitalize on something or removing a space. Different things studied in grammar include subject-verb agreement and parts of speech. Other major topics covered in grammar include clauses, using pronouns punctuation, pronoun-antecedent agreement.

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Tutoring in Grammar

When you get a grammar tutor for your student, you are helping them master one of the most difficult languages to learn, English. Our online-tutors work with your student in a one-on-one environment to ensure that they master the conventions necessary to learn the rules of grammar. As they progress in school, the concepts will get steadily more difficult, which is where a grammar tutor can be especially helpful.

As your student learns more areas related to writing and grammar, producing error-free sentences is necessary to do well in school. Tutoring sessions focus on learning the rules of grammar and how to apply them, covering distinctions such as who and whom, as well as learning differences in similar words such as affect and effect. These are distinctions that can make not just a difference in your student’s academic career but in their future occupation as well. Having a good handle on grammar rules is beneficial to people in many careers, not just writers and journalists.

Grammar and Testing

For many students, learning grammar is essential to do well on testing assessments. This is especially true when taking college entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT. These tests make use of many grammar rules to test a student’s education. Our writing and grammar tutors can make sure that your student is prepared for these assessments and provide practice questions to test their knowledge.

Some of the main rules that students should be clear on for the SAT include picking the correct homophones which are words that sound alike but are spelled differently and have different meanings using related words or synonyms properly, making choices to simplify sentences, using idiomatic expressions appropriately, keeping verb tenses correct and parallel, using commas with non-restrictive clauses understanding the difference between a restrictive and non-restrictive clause, determining examples of comma splices, identifying independent and dependent clauses, using semi-colons to separate two independent clauses, using apostrophes appropriately to form possessive etc.

Why Should Your Student Work with a Grammar Tutor?

English grammar tutors offer students many advantages, namely providing one-on-one assistance and feedback to help them master a subject, and grammar is no exception. When your student works with a tutor, they get immediate feedback on how they are doing and helpful guidance to correct their mistakes. In many classrooms, teachers are pulled in multiple directions and are not able to provide direct feedback to a student, especially when they are having trouble understanding a subject.

In contrast, a tutor is working directly with your student, helping them to understand each topic. The online grammar tutoring sessions also move at your student’s pace rather than relying on a state-sponsored curriculum to dictate what should be covered each week. If your student has already mastered a certain topic, such as differentiating between homophones, the grammar tutor and your student can move on to another topic. When it comes time for assessments, our tutors can also guide your student through reviewing the material and preparing for the test assessment.