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What You’ll Learn

The IB Physics test or International Baccalaureate (IB) Physics test is quite challenging and covers 8 topics. The team of extremely well-qualified educators at Growing Stars helps students prepare for this rigorous exam. Preparation for IB Physics HL & SL exam is a process and not an event. You should begin preparing for the examination on the first day of your course.

  • Measurements and uncertainties
  • Mechanics
  • Atomic
  • Nuclear and particle physics
  • Waves
  • Thermal physics
  • Energy production
  • Circular motion
  • Gravitation

You need to acquaint yourself with skills on how to pass your test. Your expert online tutor would emphasize the areas you should focus on as you revise and prepare for the exams. Remember to share your areas of weaknesses with your tutor so that he or she may help you to boost your comprehension in weak areas. Obviously, your class tutor would help you cover course units in class, but this is not enough especially when you expect a high score in this course.

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Steps to Prepare for IB Physics HL & SL exam

Your plan should include the units and subunits you expect to cover in the course. You should create a study plan, which illustrates how you will be revising the units that you have covered in class. The physics course has so many challenging concepts that you must master. This means that you should attempt to comprehend the concepts of each unit as you cover them in class.

Revising concepts as you learn them would enable you to identify areas that require more attention. Many students make a big mistake of waiting until a few days to exam to begin revising. It is difficult to cover all the units within one or two weeks. Therefore, your preparation for the test must begin when you enroll for the course. You need to control the result you achieve at the end of the course.

Use the Services of Expert Tutor

The IB Physics test should not an uphill task especially when you prepare adequately for the test. The best approach is to hire an expert physics tutor to assist you to prepare for this course. The rationale behind seconding expert tutors is that they help students to cover units and subunits that require further attention besides helping them to attain the best results.

This can only happen when you hire expert tutors who help you to comprehend the challenging units/subunits during the preparation period. The tutor would help you to prepare to combat pressure associated with the test. This process is very important because many students often fail not because they lack the knowledge of the subject but succumb to the pressure of the test.

Create a Homework Plan

Physics students need to practice and test whether they comprehend concepts at the end of each subunit. This means that you need to a homework plan to help you complete homework problems as you cover the units of the syllabus. Homework is designed to help students to recall and apply the concepts covered in the unit. Your homework plan will help you to complete the homework problems in time and seek assistance early enough.

Remember to treat your homework problems seriously just like the actual exams. It is advisable to look for assistance in areas, which you have not comprehended. When you seek assistance, you get to learn more. You must put extra effort into your studies and preparation.

IB physics HL & SL exam put a lot of pressure even to good students. It follows that preparing to cope with the pressure of the test is critical to passing the exam. You need to sit a practice test not once in order to prepare for the final test. Taking a practice test has so many advantages including it help you to master concepts covered in class, it prepares you to answer questions accordingly, and it helps to reduce the pressure of the test.

Create Revision Plan

As you prepare for the IB Physics HL & SL exam, you need to revise concepts or units covered in class. The best way to revise is through the creation of a revision plan that would help you to focus on units and subunits covered in the physics syllabus. A student has so many subjects to read but you need to create time for each activity. This means that a revision plan would help you to allocate enough time for revision.

Besides, the revision plan would help you to know which areas you should cover or emphasize. Remember, it is difficult to know whether you have comprehended concepts of units covered in class without evaluating your comprehension.

Students should be able to cope up with pressure associated with the test because failure to overcome this pressure leads to poor performance. Exposure to situations that leads to pressure is important during the preparation period because you will be able to overcome pressure during the real exam.