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Embark on a transformative learning journey with our affordable online writing tutoring. This writing course provides comprehensive instruction in essential elements of effective communication, covering topics such as grammar, style, and structure. Participants will enhance their writing skills through practical exercises and feedback, gaining proficiency in crafting clear, persuasive, and engaging written content.

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What You’ll Learn

Welcome to our online writing tutoring program! If your student needs help with writing, look no further than our excellent writing tutors. We offer tutoring in a variety of disciplines and topics related to writing, from creative writing to developing essays and book reports. Our private tutors can help your student excel in their academic ventures. Here’s an overview of online writing tutoring and how our online tutoring can benefit students:

  • Writing a passage
  • Writing an explanatory passage
  • Organizing writing passages
  • Revising writing
  • Developing keyboarding skills
  • Comprehending reading texts
  • Learning to research information from different sources

Online Writing Overview

Writing is communicating through the written word, allowing people to share thoughts and opinions, as well as facts and knowledge, with each other. Writing dates back to the invention of papyrus with the ancient Egyptians and has allowed ideas to be shared around the world. Writing comes in many different forms, including fiction, non-fiction, essays, prose, poetry, short stories, novels etc.

Many schools teach writing as part of English courses, although you may find some places teach grammar in a course on its own. Likewise, especially in younger grades, spelling is often taught as a separate set of school work. You will find that working with our writing tutors makes the process much easier, as they work with your student in a one-on-one setting. If your student needs extra help with their writing assignments, our tutors are here to help.

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Testing on Writing Concepts

Writing a subject featured in many classroom assessments, such as end of chapter tests, as well as on standardized exams. School entrance tests such as the SAT and ACT feature sections on writing, and some students will take a writing based SAT II exam. Colleges and universities may require essay sections to be completed by prospective students, even if the sections are optional parts of the standardized test.

Working with a writing tutor can help prepare your student for these exams, making them well prepared for university. When your student works with a writing tutor, they will be building skills that will be used for the rest of their lives. When learning to write long papers for the first time, such as research or term papers, it is important that you understand each of the parts of the paper. At the same time, our writing tutors can help your student understand how to successfully complete their homework assignments or prepare for the exams that require answering essay questions. Your student’s writing tutor can assess their work and develop a customized writing plan just for your student.

Writing and Employment

Writing skills are commonly required in occupations, with everything needed from developing a technical report to a doctor writing patient notes. If your student struggles with writing, it is important to set them up for future success by partnering them with a writing tutor.

They do not need to be in a writing-centric field to feel the advantages that good writing skills provide. Writing is a vital skill for everyone to have, and it is essential that your student be prepared for future projects. If they work with a writing tutor, they will have the best chance for success. In addition to basic writing skills, they can learn important skills such as reading comprehension and critical thinking.