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Embark on a transformative learning journey with our affordable Precalculus tutoring. Gain a deep understanding of functions, equations, graphs, and the manipulation of mathematical expressions to prepare students for higher-level mathematical analysis.

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What You’ll Learn

Welcome to our Precalculus tutoring program! Precalculus covers fundamental concepts in algebra, trigonometry, and analytical geometry, providing a comprehensive foundation for advanced calculus studies. Here’s an overview of Precalculus and how our online tutoring can benefit students:

  • Understanding of algebra and trigonometry
  • Inequalities and functions
  • Prepares you by combining all of the math you should have learned prior to Calculus

Precalculus Overview

Pre-Calculus tutoring is important for many students who are going through Pre-Calculus course work. The material can be difficult, and tutoring in a one-on-one atmosphere gives your student the ability to learn in a personalized environment, one that is tailored to their needs and learning style.

Pre-Calculus is the introduction into the abstract mathematics discipline of Calculus. This subject was created within the last few hundred years. Isaac Newton, who is most famous for developing the Theory of Gravity, helped to develop this discipline and used it to solve a number of problems.

Pre-Calculus generally necessitates that the person studying it has a background in both Algebra and Trigonometry. Some typical areas of study include algebraic expressions and inverse functions. Many students find Pre-Calculus course work difficult, especially if they did not have a firm grounding in Algebra and Trigonometry.

To better help your student succeed, our tutors will cover the necessary material in those courses and teach the student how to apply it to what they are learning in Pre-Calculus.

Tutoring helps overcome the steep learning curve that occurs in Pre-Calculus. In addition, many people find that Pre-Calculus involves heavy memorization of formulas and postulates. Your student’s tutor can help them find ways to better remember the material that has to be memorized.

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Why Get a Pre-Calculus Private Tutor?

When you are learning Pre-Calculus, there is a lot of material that is going to be review and even more material that is new. Sometimes there is an extended period of time between when you learn coursework such as Geometry and when you learn Pre-Calculus. As such, there can be a great deal of information that your student has to spend time reviewing and re-learning. At the same time, new material is being added to their education, sometimes at an alarming rate. Rather than fall behind, using a private tutor for Pre-Calculus can help your student understand the material and learn what they need to memorize.

If your student is having issues with understanding basic equations relating to triangles, their private tutor can help them go back and review information from Trigonometry to ensure their understanding. The tutor can then move on to more advanced topics relating to Pre-Calculus, such as how to measure degrees and angles. Pre-Calculus tutors are also able to help with more complex material, such as understanding the Unit Circle. If a review of Algebra is required, your student’s Pre-Calculus tutor can help them with everything from functions to domains. In addition to test preparation, a tutor for Pre-Calculus can help your student move at a pace that is comfortable for them.

This feature helps when they have been learning in a classroom setting and need more time to review the material and get questions answered. Your student will understand the material better because they have more examples and a way to get their questions answered more completely.