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Embark on a transformative learning journey with our affordable online chemistry tutoring. Our chemistry course provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental principles of matter, focusing on atomic structure, chemical bonding, and reactions. Students will explore the key concepts underlying the properties and behavior of elements and compounds, gaining a foundational understanding of the central principles of chemistry.

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What You’ll Learn

Our online 1-on-1 chemistry tutors help your student succeed in this discipline. When you use one of our experienced chemistry tutors, they can help your student with general chemistry principles, as well as more in-depth subjects, depending on your student’s course of study and needs.

  • Analytical chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Physical chemistry

Chemistry is a physical science that involves the study of the different phases of matter and what its properties are. Getting more in-depth with this subject leads to understanding how substances are combined and interactions that produce energy around us. Chemistry is such a vital subject because everything around us is made up of matter, including our bodies, our vehicles, and the foods that we consume. Even if your student isn’t planning on a job in chemistry, the application of these principles applies to everything in our lives and may affect their career in ways they can’t even imagine yet.

Chemistry covers a range of topics, and the scope depends on if you are in a high school introductory class versus a more in-depth college class covering topics such as biochemistry. Using a 1-on-1 chemistry tutor gives you someone who can give immediate feedback on how your student is progressing in the topic of study and can offer individualized study plans. As your student develops their skills in chemistry, it’s important to be able to apply the material that they are learning to actual practice problems, such as understanding how two elements bond with each other and share or donate electrons.

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Education Standards

When learning chemistry in high school, there are specific standards in the United States that have been put out by the American Chemical Society that all high schoolers are expected to know. These include, matter and its properties, chemical reactions between matter, forces and motion, conserving energy and energy transfer, the energy within chemical processes, and electromagnetic radiation. Chemistry covers a lot of different topics, from understanding organic materials such as cells to studying inorganic gases and metals.

If you are looking for online chemistry tutoring for your student to help them keep up with the material in their class, look no further than our excellent tutors. Your student will benefit from our chemistry tutors covering specific concepts in a way that helps them to better relate to the material they are learning, and this education moves along at your student’s pace, so you don’t have to worry about them being overwhelmed. While in their session, your student can ask the 1-on-1 chemistry tutor any related questions and not feel embarrassed or worried about holding up the class.

So Why Is Chemistry So Important?

As mentioned above, chemistry is used in a variety of career paths, even some that don’t seem like they would relate to chemistry from an outside perspective. Some chemistry-related occupations include chemical engineer, geoscientist, veterinarian, health educator, forensic scientist and registered nurse.

Your student might need online chemistry tutoring to prepare for a test rather than just course material. Our tutors are also able to help them with that, potentially using sample questions from old tests and helping your student access supplementary learning materials to focus their knowledge and understanding. Your student’s online chemistry tutor is able to assess what they already know and move on to help them cover topics that they don’t yet understand. For example, the CLEP Chemistry Exam covers a range of topics, such as structures of matter, states of matter, equilibrium, kinetics and energy, descriptive chemistry etc.