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The PSAT Evidence-Based Reading & Writing course focuses on honing critical reading and writing skills essential for success on the PSAT, covering comprehension strategies, effective analysis of texts, and mastery of grammar and language conventions. Through targeted practice, students develop the proficiency needed to excel in the reading and writing sections of the PSAT exam.

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What You’ll Learn

The PSAT measures the same sort of skills and knowledge covered in the SAT, thus providing a good grounding and valuable practice for the more advanced test. In addition to providing an experience similar to that of taking the SAT, the PSAT may reveal areas in which the student needs additional preparation. It is also the qualifying exam for entering into NMSC scholarship programs.

  • Diagnostic Test Review
  • Concepts and Approaches
  • Supervised Practice Test
  • Review of Practice Tests

Our PSAT Test Prep Course provides intensive, in-depth coaching on all concepts and approaches to PSAT questions. It includes a Scorecard, and gives feedback after every test to assess and identify any area which needs to be addressed. The evidence-based reading and writing program is designed to help the students interpret the explicitly & implicitly stated data and respond to it analytically.

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Online PSAT Evidence-Based Reading & Writing – PSAT Reading & Writing Test Preparation

Our course offers students the true challenge and environment of the PSAT experience. We begin with an initial Diagnostic Test. Then, we move on to full-length supervised Practice Tests, and independent full-length Practice Exams given as Home Assignments during the duration of the program. We use questions from a variety of expert testing sources. Our online tutors are trained to prepare students effectively for the challenging evidence-based reading and writing section of the PSAT. Our program identifies specific area in need of improvement, and works on those so that better knowledge and skills lead to higher PSAT scores.

Hire an expert PSAT tutor

The evidence-based reading and writing PSAT tests should not frighten the well-prepared student, especially when there is a tutor readily available. Our experienced PSAT online tutors help students reach their personal bests on these challenging exams. At Growing Stars, we have a staff of tutors who are trained to help with high-stakes tests. An online test prep tutor can raise both the confidence and scores of your children.

26 hours of Evidence Based Reading & Writing

Diagnostic Test Review – 1hr
Concepts and Approaches – 17hrs
1 supervised Practice Tests and review – 2hrs
Review of 3 Practice Tests given as Home Assignments- 6hrs

The PSAT is what covers the same sort of skills that you would need in the SAT, making it an ideal choice to go with to find out if this is something, you’ll be able to pass when taking the SAT. The PSAT Reading and writing course were developed to focus on those areas that the student may need additional work or help in. As you prepare for the PSAT reading and writing portion of the testing, it is important to consider studying for the exam prior to heading out and taking it. Of course, this testing ensures that you are given full-length supervised tests that can be taken right online, while also giving you the feedback you need when going to take the SAT in full form in the classroom.

With an effective and challenging PSAT reading and writing test, you’re easily able to find what you are looking for. These tests are designed to mimic the SAT tests that students have to take towards the end of their high school years. This is a way for the student to become familiar with the content, but also prepare for what to put down when they go to take the SAT. It is a great learning tool that has been shown to be effective at teaching.

Hiring a Tutor for Additional Help

Sometimes we all need a bit of help, and when it comes to the PSAT, you can be sure that this is the type of help you get. This type of testing should never frighten or overwhelm a student. In fact, when they are prepared and know the material that will be presented to them, they will feel more confident than ever on how they can go about doing the testing.

Hiring a tutor is one of the best ways to go about getting the help you need and want, while also ensuring that you have the best possible outcome when the student sits down to take the test and actually excel at what they are doing. Since the PSAT does come in multiple sections, the reading and writing are not the entirety of the test. Having a tutor that can teach this section, or all of them, maybe beneficial depending on the strong points of the student and what they expect. Hiring a tutor might seem like it is going to cost a lot of money or sounds like it might, but this is not the case.

The intensive, extensive PSAT reading and writing coaching and coursework provided ensure that the student is able to work on the curriculum and material while averaging the best grades. This shows that they are qualified to provide the best studies when entering into the college coursework. Designed to help students prepare and know what to expect on the SAT, this test is the pre-coursework that is needed to ensure that they are ready to take on the next level of testing. The testing includes a scorecard, so the student knows what to expect when they are going through the process.

The PSAT is not something that anyone has to take or needs to take, but having the student prepared for the SATs can help them do better and reduce the anxiety that they might run into when they go to take the actual test. Due to the high volume of students and faculty that will be in the area during the testing time, as well as the pressure to get a high grade, this can be a great way to prepare the student for what is to come.