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AP Environmental Science explores the interconnections between the natural world and human societies, covering topics such as ecosystems, biodiversity, pollution, and sustainable practices. Students analyze environmental issues and develop critical thinking skills to propose solutions for a more sustainable future.

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What You’ll Learn

AP Environmental Science is one of the Advanced Placement college-level courses that provides students with a solid background in areas such as scientific principles and methodologies to evaluate the relationships between people and the natural world. AP Environmental Science is offered by the American College Board and is designed largely for students with an interest in the natural sciences, such as those entering biology majors when they go on to college.

  • The Living World: Ecosystems
  • The Living World: Biodiversity
  • Populations
  • Earth Systems and Resources
  • Land and Water Use
  • Energy Resources and Consumption
  • Atmospheric Pollution
  • Aquatic and Terrestrial Pollution
  • Global Change

It also covers environmental problems that are facing the global environment and working with students to look at ways to solve these problems or prevent future ones from developing. If your student is in AP Environmental Science, it can be important that they work with a tutor during their time in the course to help them succeed. This is especially true because AP Environmental Science has one of the lowest percentages of students doing well and scoring a 5 on the final exam, the highest score that can be earned.

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Working with a Tutor for AP Environmental Science

There are many reasons to utilize one of our private tutors for your student taking AP Environmental Science. As your tutor works with your student, they will learn their strengths and weaknesses and can use this information to design a personalized study plan for your student.

In addition, they can focus on areas where your student needs the most help rather than reviewing and emphasizing material that your student has already mastered. Because your student’s tutor will learn how your student best retains material, they can work with different learning styles, from auditory learning to visual learning. With such a comprehensive course, teachers in a regular classroom must cover a wide range of material and move at a rapid pace to cover everything in time for the final exam in May.

If your student is ready to learn AP Environmental Science with a qualified tutor, it’s time to give us a call today. Our team can help partner your student with a tutor who best matches your student’s learning style and schedule, working around activities such as afterschool activities and even jobs. Your student’s tutoring sessions are offered through our online format, allowing them to work from the convenience of the local library, school, or even your kitchen table.

With your student’s tutoring sessions personalized to their strengths and weaknesses, our tutors can help them learn the material and do well on their final exam. In addition to mastering the subject, working with our tutors provides a great deal of assistance in other important academic skills areas. In preparation for the free-response section of the test, our tutors can work with your student to formulate well thought out answers, which will be an advantage to them when they go on to their university in following years.

The AP Environmental Science final exam is a large test, which is composed of 100 multiple choice questions, as well as a free response section. The free response questions require detailed answers and test students on their ability to interpret data sets, evaluate documents, and synthesize presented information. Sixty percent of the test is the multiple choice section, while the free response portion is worth 40 percent of the final score.

Preparing for this test can tax even the most dedicated students. Working with an AP Environmental Science tutor can help your student study more efficiently and effectively, with a customized study plan that has been designed just for them. Tutors can review old exams and offer practice questions to help prepare your student for the final exam in May. Our one-on-one tutors also work with your student to understand their individual learning style and tailor tutoring sessions to meet these needs. This can help the course to be less stressful and overwhelming.