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AP Physics 1 covers fundamental principles of mechanics, while AP Physics 2 delves into fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, optics, and modern physics, providing a comprehensive understanding of introductory physics concepts.

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What You’ll Learn

AP Physics 1 and 2 is a difficult subject under the best of circumstances, and it is more so when your student is taking it at a college level. If your student finds themselves struggling with the material, working with our AP Physics tutors can be just what they are looking for. Physics is considered a natural science. It deals with matter and its motion, including through time and space. While there are practical considerations to physics, there is also a great deal of theoretical material, which can make it hard for some people to grasp. Some of the major subjects covered in physics courses include the relationship between work, power, and energy, thermodynamics, fluid statics, magnetic fields, electricity and quantum mechanics.

  • Newton’s laws
  • Universal law of gravitation
  • Simple harmonic motion
  • Linear momentum
  • Conservation of energy
  • Rotational dynamics
  • Electric force
  • DC circuits: resistors only
  • Sound and mechanical waves
  • Fluids: pressure and forces on them
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electric forces
  • Electric circuits
  • Electromagnetic induction
  • Physical optics
  • Atomic physics
  • Nuclear physics

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Why Utilize an AP Physics 1 and 2 Tutor?

AP Physics tutoring sessions are important to succeeding in the subject. In a normal classroom setting, a great deal of material must be covered by your student’s teacher in order to have most of the class prepared for the subject material that could be on the Advanced Placement test. The rapid pace of this course can leave a lot of students struggling to understand the material, and if your student starts to fall behind, it is very difficult to catch up on their own. Working with a one-on-one AP Physics tutor for AP Physics 1 and 2 can help your student by moving at their own pace. If they have struggled with a concept and need more time to review it, our tutors will provide that additional help. Likewise, if a student wants to spend more time on a given topic because it interests them, our tutors can go into more detail, doing things like making real-world connections.

In addition, your student and their tutor can determine what subjects they need to focus most of their time on. If your student has mastered concepts in thermodynamics but struggles with understanding basic relationships in magnetism, they are able to spend more time on magnetism and less on topics they already know.

While school classrooms cater to the masses, our AP Physics 1 and 2 tutors are able to cater directly to your student and their learning style. If your student learns best with visual aids, the AP Physics 1 and 2 tutor can provide them with a variety of graphs and illustrations to help them get a firm handle on the concept. For students that are more auditory learners, our AP Physics tutors can help your students learn by providing lecture-based review sessions. In addition to moving at their own speed and covering material, they need to cover, AP Physics tutoring sessions provide students with other advantages.

Physics is considered one of the oldest scientific disciplines, especially when you consider its close relationship with astronomy, making it perhaps the oldest discipline. Physics is also closely related to other scientific disciplines, and it even has relationships with more humanities-driven fields such as philosophy. There are little to no distractions when working in your AP Physics 1 and 2 review sessions. You don’t have to worry about your student’s friend trying to get their attention while they work on certain topics because these types of distractions are removed from the equation. In addition, our AP Physics 1 and 2 tutors help foster an environment conducive to learning. Your student can feel comfortable to ask any physics questions and be assured that they are getting a complete and well-reasoned answer.