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The ACT English course covers grammar, punctuation, and rhetoric skills essential for effective communication, helping students improve their performance on the ACT exam by enhancing their understanding and application of English language conventions. Through targeted practice, participants develop proficiency in sentence structure, usage, and strategy to excel in the ACT English section.

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What You’ll Learn

Our comprehensive ACT English course of 36 hours provides students with the true challenge and environment of the test. We begin with an initial Diagnostic Test, and move on to 6 full-length supervised Practice Tests (more for high achievers), and 6 independent full-length Practice Exams given as Home Assignments. We use questions from the official ACT Guide, from the test makers, and other test preparation experts.

  • Learn About The Common Mistake That Most Students Make
  • Prepare Adequately Before the Test
  • Plan Before You Begin the Test
  • Use Logic to Eliminate Responses
  • Study in Advance Test Preparation Plan
  • Online ACT Practice Test

Any student with concerns about the information and skills needed for success on the ACT English Test can benefit from our online tutoring program. The tutors at Growing Stars provide effective help for the questions and concepts from this exam. This program identifies specific areas that are a matter of concern, and works on those so that test scores will go up.

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The ACT English Test can frighten even well-prepared students, so it is very helpful to have an online tutor. Our experienced ACT test prep tutors help students reach their optimal performance on these high-stakes tests. At Growing Stars, we have a staff of tutors who are trained to help with such important and challenging exams. Our online ACT test prep tutors can raise the confidence and scores of your children.

36 hours of English, Reading, Writing

Diagnostic Test Review – 1 hour
Concepts and Test Taking Strategies – 11 hours
6 supervised Practice Tests and Review – 18 hours
Review of 6 Practice Tests given as Home Assignments– 6 hours

ACT English test is one of the defining standardized tests in student life especially those who aspire to join the United States universities and colleges. You need to pass the test in order to secure a chance to join the university or college in the United States. ACT English tests a limited number of topics and many students usually miss multiple questions by ideas that they can avoid if they have made adequate preparation for the English test.

It is important to ensure that you do not make the common mistake the students often make such as failing to read all the four choices. Ensure that you prepare adequately before the test to avoid last-minute strain and rush. Planning will help you to attempt all the 40 questions within the 35 minutes provided. A good plan would enable you to allocate enough time for each question besides reading thoroughly the test questions. You should time yourself so that you may be able to complete all the questions within the provided timeframe. You are expected to choose the best response out of the four choices provided.

Under grammar and usage, the learner shall cover parts of speech, run-on sentences and fragments, commas, other punctuation, subject-verb agreement, verb tenses and forms, pronoun agreement, pronoun case, idioms, faulty modifies, parallel structure, relative pronouns, and adjectives vs adverbs. You will cover the following concepts under rhetorical skills – transitions, wordiness and redundancy, add/delete, author technique/intent, macro logic and organization, author main idea, relevance, diction, and formality.

You should ensure that you practice all the lessons of the above topics as you prepare for the ACT English test. Obviously, you would not find questions outside the above-mentioned topics. Studying in advance helps students preparing for the ACT Test to handle the test without panic or pressure. Preparation for the ACT test should begin the moment you enrol for this test.

You should apply logic to eliminate responses to arrive at the best answer. You can increase your chances of choosing the correct answer by eliminating answers using logic to guess the right answer.

This means that you study in advance and ensure that you cover all the contents of the course. Studying in advance would equip your the knowledge and skills required to complete the test without stress. Another advantage of studying in advance is that it helps to limit or reduce panic and pressure, which many students face during the test. Sometimes some questions may be challenging to an extent that you may not be able to choose the right answer.

If you panic, you may not answer all the questions correctly. A test-preparation plan is a tool that shall help you to do the studies and revision for the ACT test. Ensure that you list all the units or topics that are tested in the ACT test. Use your notebook to assess which topics require more attention and create a revision schedule of the identified topics. You may need to allocate more time to topics that are challenging to you.

You should ensure that you use the plan to evaluate your comprehension of the units covered in this course. Students are often encouraged to rely on the test preparation plan to manage your study time. Poor time management is likely to influence your test score. The Internet has many resources that can help you as you prepare for the ACT English test. The online ACT practice test can help you to sharpen your skills in the subject.

You need to enroll for the online test and ensure you take the test often so that you may build your skills and knowledge in the subject. Preparation affects your ability to address to tackle the questions and score of the test. You should plan to read all the choices provided in each test question.

You should ensure that you take the online test continuously during the test preparation period because exposure to the questions affects your ability to recall and answer questions. You should be able to revise the contents that you have failed to score after taking the online test. This approach would help you to identify the reasons why you failed to receive a high score. Besides, after learning about your weakness you may seek assistance to help you boost your knowledge on the subject.