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The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IBMYP) is a holistic educational framework for students aged 11 to 16, emphasizing interdisciplinary learning and fostering personal, social, and academic development. It integrates subject areas, encourages inquiry-based learning, and promotes international-mindedness.

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What You’ll Learn

The international baccalaureate (IB) Middle Year Program (MYP) or IB MYP is designed to equip learners with the skills and knowledge required in furthering courses in Math. The exam is important for students who aspire to continue with year two IB Diploma Program.

IB MYP program is intentionally designed to assist learners who focus on international studies with special focus on the development of social, emotional, and physical well-being. The course runs for four years and the student is expected to take at least six subjects out of possible eight subjects group.

  • Language acquisition
  • Language and literature
  • Individuals and societies
  • Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Arts
  • Physical and health education
  • Design

Studying six subjects gives the learner flexibility in achieving local requirements and student learning needs. Every year, the learner is expected to engage in a collaborative learning activity that involves at least two subjects. The learner is expected to complete a long-term project that would determine what you would learn, establish what you already know, and discover what you need to know so that you may complete the project. To pass the IB MYP exam, you need to apply the following strategies.

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Studying IB MYP Course: Prepare a Study Plan

You need to a study plan as you prepare for the IB MYP exam. Your level of preparation for the IB MYP exam would determine what you would score. It follows that you must create a study plan that allocates time for each of the eight subjects in this course. Probably, you shall be required to allocate more time for some subjects than others because of factors such as the rate of comprehension and complexity of the subject.

A study plan would help you to allocate study duration according to your needs. For example, if you feel one of the subjects is complex, you may choose to allocate more study hours for this subject. This strategy shall help you to tackle the specific challenge associated with the respective subject. Remember, how you use your time affects how you shall perform in the subjects.

Use the Services of Online Tutors

Once you have identified areas of weaknesses and strength, you may want to seek further assistance on comprehending the topics that you feel need to require further attention. Remember, online tutors would expect you to pay them for the services they offer. So, you need to concentrate on topics or subjects that would require further attention.

Online tuition is highly recommended because it is flexible and the learner can choose when to learn, what to learn and how to learn. There is great flexibility in online tuition that makes it highly valuable to the learner. To realize the benefit of online tuition, you should treat online tuition the same way you treat normal tuition.

Avoid Procrastinating

Preparation for the IB MYP exam should begin the moment you enroll for this course. Many students like procrastinating thus incapable of planning and beginning their preparation for the exam immediately they enroll for the course. Remember the hours you spend studying the subjects would pay off during the exam. It is difficult to score high in this course if you engage in procrastination because you shall not be prepared for the course. Procrastination would make you waste precious opportunities that could help you turn your grade or expand your knowledge in the respective subjects. You can stop last-minute rush to complete or revise the syllabus when you choose to avoid procrastination.

Create a Revision Plan

You need a revision plan as you prepare for the IB MYP exam. A revision plan would help you to revisit units of each subject and assess your comprehension. As you revise each of the six subjects, you should be able to note subjects that you have failed to comprehend. You should use the notes on your revision to seek further assistance on the subject.


IB MYP course is designed to enable the student to develop essential skills and knowledge in the respective subjects covered in this course. The student is expected to put more effort into his/her homework because teaching and learning of this course are based on experiences and connected to what the student experience in daily life. The course prepares the student to develop knowledge from a global perspective. It is imperative to do your homework consistently so that you acquire the expected knowledge of the subjects.

Take Practice Exams

How would you know whether you are ready for the MYP exam? You should take practice exams to evaluate your skills and comprehension of the respective subjects. The practice exam has several benefits such as preparing you to cope with the pressure of an exam, avoid panicking during exams, and focus on areas that are frequently evaluated in the respective subjects. Students who take the practice exam are more likely to pass the exam because they develop an understanding of how to answer exam questions.