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AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism covers advanced principles of electromagnetism, including electric fields, circuits, magnetic fields, and electromagnetic induction, with a focus on calculus-based problem-solving and mathematical modeling. Students explore the fundamental laws governing electricity and magnetism and apply these concepts to analyze complex physical systems.

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AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism

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What You’ll Learn

If your student is taking AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism, a one-on-one tutor can be hugely beneficial. Our tutors have backgrounds in physics, as well as mathematics, ensuring that they can provide your student with the assistance they need to cover topics and review them for clarity.

  • Identifying vectors
  • Mathematic with vectors
  • Graphs of functions
  • Analysis of data

As the name suggests, AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism is an Advanced Placement physics course that focuses on concepts in electricity and magnets. This introductory college course is designed largely for those going into engineering or physics majors, as it covers topics in a more in-depth fashion than AP Physics 1 or 2. If your student is looking at taking AP Physics, there are four courses that they can choose from, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism, and AP Physics C: Mechanics.

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Benefits of Working with an AP Physics C and Electricity and Magnetism Tutor

When your student signs up to take AP Physics C and Electricity and Magnetism, they are enrolling in a very challenging course. Even though it is being taught to high school students, it is the equivalent of a college-level course. If your student does well on the final exam, they have the potential to earn college credit for the course. This offers potential cost savings to them as they will have earned some college-level credits prior to actually attending university. It also provides a means to prepare your student for the challenging work they will undertake when they enter college. Because the course material in AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism is so challenging, having a tutor can be hugely beneficial. This allows students to work with someone hands-on to master the material, helping to decrease their stress level when it comes to learning the topics.

Your student can sign up for AP Physics C and Electricity and Magnetism tutoring at any time during the course, whether it is to work with them throughout the year or to help them review the material shortly before the Advanced Placement final exam that takes place each May. One of the benefits of working with one of our tutors is that they can cover the set up for the final examination, preparing your student for what they will face in May. Our tutors can even run through practice exams with your student to help them prepare, working with them on learning how best to answer the multiple choice questions as well as the free response section of the test. When students take AP Physics C and Electricity and Magnetism, they are often in a course with other students.

Because of the breadth of the material that needs to be covered, teachers often move at a fast pace. If your student starts to fall behind, especially if they did not master earlier concepts, a tutor can work with them to get them up to speed. In addition, if they need help with reviewing the mathematics concepts necessary to solve the material, an AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism tutor that focuses on mathematics may be the answer your student is looking for. When your student receives tutoring in AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism from one of our qualified tutors, they will receive personalized instruction. Rather than moving at the same pace as the rest of the class in a traditional setting, in our one-on-one, private tutoring, your student and their tutor will work together to determine good pace for your student that helps them learn the material while still providing a challenge for them.

Your student’s tutor will provide a customized lesson to cover the topics your student needs assistance with, as well as reviewing material that should be covered before the final exam. If your student needs to spend less time in an area, they and their tutor can move along to another topics, spending less time covering previously mastered material. Having this type of personalization to the learning program will help make your student’s studying more effective, as well as efficient. The major difference, in addition to the topics that each of these courses covers, is that math that is involved. For example, the AP Physics C courses, such as Electricity and Magnetism, require a background in Calculus, whereas AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2 require a background in mathematics through Algebra II.