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Since 2004, the live, one-on-one online tutoring from Growing Stars has proactively helped thousands of students get better grades in school, and score well in competitive tests.

We provide the same tutor every time.
Unlike those who provide instant tutoring or homework help only, our tutors spend time preparing for the sessions. Though our sessions are prescheduled, the student is free to contact the online tutors through instant messaging for any immediate help.

Thus, when a student spends an hour with a Growing Stars online tutor, the tutor would have invested more than one hour for that student. Our teacher knows the students’ strengths and weaknesses and, unlike instant tutors who think of that day’s homework only, works for the long-term success of the student. Instant tutors may change frequently making it difficult for them to analyze the areas that needs focus for a steady academic improvement. A Growing Stars tutor builds a good rapport with the student, helping instill in the student a desire to learn.

Most teachers have MS Degrees in their field.
Our teachers are highly qualified, and most of them have Masters’ Degrees in the subjects that they teach. Some of our teachers are Ph.D.s. At a minimum, every online tutor has a Bachelor’s Degree in the concerned discipline they tutor. They also go through our extensive training before they are put on the job.

Same textbook.
We follow exactly the same textbook that the student follows in school. This helps the tutor to understand the student’s needs clearly, and to synchronize online tutoring sessions with the school lessons.

Managed tutoring.
Every child has an Education Manager who manages tutoring to suit the child’s needs, and maintains a relationship with the parents. This Manager also supervises the child’s teacher(s) to ensure tutoring effectiveness.Over and above this, Growing Stars has a Quality Control Department managed by Senior Education Directors who step in to settle academic issues giving necessary directions to our teachers, thereby ensuring the highest quality of online tutoring.

Very convenient.
Your child can participate from the comfortable environment of your home, saving the time and money you would spend commuting to a tutoring center.

Prices start at $80-$120 per month!


We believe in the value of our service. Still, your Credit Card will be charged only if you are pleased after the first tutoring session. After that, you may cancel any time during the first 4 sessions (or 2 weeks, whichever comes first) and receive a full refund if not 100% satisfied.


The majority of our students learn with us throughout their education, and study many subjects over the years. Some study almost every day! So we offer a 10% discount on our price, when paid for 50 hrs or more in advance. You have the option to use these prepaid hours within 6 months.


Hello Ladies,
We got Ayo’s SAT score back today and l just want to share with you all. She made 1340. 710 in Maths and 630 in English. My husband and l will like to say a big thank you to Ms. Lydia and Ms. Simi for their time and knowledge impacted on Ayo. She made an improvement from 1190 to 1340 and we are grateful for that. Thanks again


Teacher Nithya,
I can’t thank you enough! Your contribution is just awesome !! My son is now fully motivated with your style of teaching.


Hi Ancy and Anisha,
I just wanted to inform you that Aadi cleared his skip test for Algebra 1 and he will be going directly to Geo H , which is 9th-grade course, in his 8th grade. Thank you so much, Ancy for helping him out last year.
Best regards


I was able to grasp the concepts of my English class in a much more efficient manner after going through in-depth comprehension practice with my Growing Stars English Teacher Ms. Geetha Venkitesh. This resulted in me getting remarkable grades for my English Honors class in high school. Thanks for all the help.


Deepthy- I want you to know that Sarah, a Microbiology major, had enjoyed and learned a lot this summer. It was a joy seeing her getting excited for these classes. Thanks again


Thank you Naveena and Nisanth! Nisanth,I really wanted to call the efforts of Naveena in getting my son Aaryan really interested and good in English lessons. We started growing stars as a 2 month summer vacation thing, but now just because of the way Naveena has helped Aaryan, we will continue it further. Please let know of our utmost gratitude to this wonderful teacher! Also I wanted to say hats off to your engagement Nisanth. The way you deal with your customers are top notch and I feel really comfortable to reach out to you. You consistently keep in touch and have always coordinated the requests from our side. Once again thanks Nisanth for making our experience worthwhile.

I just want to take a moment to thank you all, especially George’s tutor Rezmin!
We are so glad to see George scored above 90% on both of his tests and he advanced to the next level. He is going back to school in 2 weeks and starting his 9th grade and the school placed him in an advanced math group now(10 th grade math/Algebra 2). We know very well, It wasn’t an easy task to cover the Geometry book / 120 lessons in 4 months as he never learned those before and all of these concepts were new to him. We really appreciate all your help including all your effort, patience, flexibility, positive attitude, and guidance that made him become successful.
We will definitely come back to you, if we need anything in the future and thank you again, have a good weekend and stay safe! Thank you!

Hello Nisanth,
How are you? I just wanted to thank you and especially thank the tutor Rupa for the summer tutoring sessions in chemistry. Sid did really well with a final exam score of 91%. In addition to providing tutoring, Rupa was really great with flexibility and accommodating Sid with his schedule which helped him immensely. Continuation of tutoring: Sid would like to continue to tutor with Rupa for College Chemistry II for the fall 2 hours a week starting September to December 18 approximately. Sid would also like Biology tutoring.

New York

Hari got his Physics final grade and he got an A (93.4%). We want to thank his tutor, Ms Safna. She always went above and beyond to help Hari out. She helped with his Physics Lab doubts and made sure to have review sessions before the class tests. Working with her helped Hari to face the course with confidence and ease. Also wants to thank Jiji for all your help throughout the spring and summer sessions.
I will send an email with the textbook for organic chemistry, I am still trying to find the syllabus.
Thank you so much for all the help one more time.


We are very happy with the tutor Manu who helped teach our daughter AP Calculus fundamentals and explained her some tough project questions very patiently!


Thank you very much for your support, we are proud being associated to Growing Stars, Litty and Sunitha !
We got confirmation from school that my daughter did pass the test with 85% marks, minimum pass percentage is 80%. Thank you once again!!


Thank you so much Ms. Salabha for the detailed report. Rishi has been very happy with your classes and very excited about his latest perfect score.
We were very impressed too. Thank you so much for all your help!


Hello Miss Fatima,
I have scored a five in Calculus BC, thanks to the excellent teachings of my teacher Manu !


Kiran, Subha is really enjoying her coding classes and is making a good progress. Really want to appreciate teachers effort. He is focusing on the concepts that she needs help with and also giving her problem-solving tips! Wanted to share my feedback with you. Please pass it on to Stephen. Thank you much!

Mercer Island

Hi Ms. Xavier, I got my score and I am very happy to tell you that I got a 5 on the exam. Thank you so much for all of your help. I would not have done so well without your guidance.


Meena / Nagashylaja,
My apologies on the late email. I wanted to take a minute to thank you both for your help with my children’s Geometry lessons. Although they never got the opportunity to take their regents exam, both of your guidance helped them through the process and get clear with their concepts which I am sure will help them in the future when they start with the next level of learning. Appreciate all the support.


Shreya got 96% in her Math test summer program. pls, share with math teacher too. We are so happy with the results. All thanks to the Growing Stars team.

San Ramon

Hello Jane, I am very happy to inform you that Anant has secured a ‘5’ in his AP Physics 1 exam. Thank you very much for being Anant’s teacher for this course. He is truly thankful to you for your guidance.


Hello, ma’am, how have you been? I just received my AP Calculus scores back today, and I received a 5/5 on the exam.Thank you so much for helping me understand the topics in calculus!

New Jersey

Hi! I got a 5 on Physics and I just wanted to thank you for teaching me throughout the year. I definitely could not have done it without your guidance!


I got Perfect Score on AP Calculus BC
Thank you ms. for helping me prepare for the test, without your prep it would be hard for me to do so well

Hi Lincy,
Ishant’s AP exam results were announced today. He scored 5/5. Thank you for all your guidance and helping him succeed! I will always be appreciative of your time in scheduling the classes and helping him understand the concepts whenever needed.

I wanted to give an update on Akshay’s final grades that he received, I apologize for being late to send this information. He received 100 % in his final semester for both Math and English.

His final grades are as follows, English : 91% Math : 85% I am truly grateful to Sally and Rajalekshmi for working with my son to help him get good grades. Thank you so much for all your efforts.


I would like to thank you all for helping my daughter to achieve her goal for this year ! As a parent, we are very happy to see her maintaining the grade level throughout the year. This would have not happened without Mrs. Shiju’s efforts. More than the knowledge I believe that both the tutor and the student should have an understanding of each other to achieve the goal and that magic happened with Mrs. Shiju and Tejashree

North Carolina
Thank you for teaching me ! You are a really awesome teacher and because of your help I was able to get higher grades. Thank you Miss Tina!! In the overall course I received a 98% .
You are a really great teacher ! Thank you Miss Tina, I hope i get you as a teacher again!
Message from my daughter
Hi Jasmu,
You were an excellent tutor for Veda ! She enjoyed your class so much and you made her love learning. Thank you so much !
I hope you can teach her Geometry next year as well. Her school year starts from September and will reach out again to Radhika to set up sessions for Geometry. Take care and be well .
I wanted to thank Ambily for teaching my daughter Algebra from 2017-2019. She helped her master the concepts and helped lay a good foundation for her. She was very patient with her as she helped her prepare for her tests and assist in difficult assignments. She is a very humble and soft spoken teacher and we are very fortunate to have her. I would highly recommend her for tutoring.
Warm regards

 My son and daughter have been tutored by Growing Stars for several years. I’ve seen a remarkable transformation in their studies and grades. Growing Stars has a tremendous value in comparison to other tutoring services. The results speak for themselves…both kids are now excellent math students. Priya, their tutor is excellent and thorough. Radhika does an excellent job overseeing our monthly services. Five star all the way!

Hi Renjith,
I wanted to write this email to thank you and Arun’s English teacher, Krishna Dutt and Physics teacher, Sreelekshmi.

Krishna was very nice and easy to work with and very clear in her instructions. She was happy to teach Arun and handled the material in an efficient manner. Arun was able to clear his subjects and eventually score well due to her sincere nature and timely feedback.

Sreelekshmi Krishnadas – Very sincere and hard working. Good grasp of the material and was ready to take sessions even when it was not in her schedule and helped submit assignments on time. She was very positive and had good command during the class.

Both of them handled teaching very well even when this is not in person sessions and commendable.
Renjith, we have thank you for understanding our requirements and striven to provide us with good resources and managed all situations extremely well. We are so happy with your work ethics and happy we took your services.

The Physics Tutor is awesome, he saved my daughter in Physics. She scored 93%.


Hi Rashmi,
Thank you for giving you time and expertise to Sumeet. He did well in math because of it. Appreciate all your hard work with him, I saw his confidence in math increase so much.

Have a good summer and stay safe and healthy:) In appreciation!

Freemont, CA

Thank you Ms Tina for teaching Arianna this year. She likes to learn from you. It has been a good year for her.

She requested for you to teach her 8th grade as well. Lets see how that fits in. Thanks again

Hello Dhaya,
I gave a 5* rating. You deserve that rating. Thanks for waiting for us to finish the last session for the billing.
Atal’s school wrapped up all the classes today itself. He finished calculus 3 with 100% as a term final grade. I can’t thank you and Rebecca enough. All the tutors (Naziya, Susan, Edward, and Rebecca) played a great role in his high school Journey. He got accepted in too many universities and he has decided to Join UW-MADISON Undergrad Engineering direct Program. I think the learning journey of our family does not end Here. We will come back when Pranav is ready and Responsible enough to handle online learning. If Atal has any issues in college, you’ll be the first resource we’ll look up to.

Hi Rebecca,
Thank you so much for helping Atal with Calculus 3. He finished with 100 in the term final grade. Keep doing great things and inspire the younger ones.

Our experience with Growing Stars has been phenomenal and to be rated five stars. The organization works very professionally with clear communication & feedback channels open throughout the session. Our counsellor- Rohini understood our requirement clearly and accordingly. assigned PR Ranjana for my Child’s AP Biology Exam scheduled this summer- just appeared. Rohini kept on checking on the class progress throughout the session periodically. The knowledge, tutoring methodology deployed by Ranjana has been impeccable. She was in charge of Day 1- interacting with the student constantly, understanding his level, keeping him engaged completely- assigning homework, checking/grading on them prior to the next class. The time spent by her overall evidently was substantially more than the mere class time with the student. The most noticeable difference was the constant two-way conversation between the tutor/student. In our earlier all other experiences- the child was left to either read material on their own during class time or asked to solve problems/ do test papers/tutor checking material in-class time- all not adding to any new value learning for the student. Ranjana was refreshingly completely different- keeping student’s interest active every minute. She was polite, humble and above all- a magnanimous human being- to act as a mentor for your child- with whom you can trust your child completely. It was amazing how in such a short time- she develops a bond with the student- and becomes an extended part of the family! Growing Stars & its tutors like Ranjana are a worthy investment for your child! Would recommend them wholeheartedly

New Jersey

Much appreciated the help and support you are providing to Pranav ! We are very happy with the way Pranav is progressing with your help.

Thank you Indu Maam for your continued support through out !

Rajesh & Mini
Uma has finished her sessions with Greeshma. And I would like to thank Greeshma for teaching my daughter. She was very happy with her and says she will recommend her to the students.
Thank you,

I am so happy because the test went so smoothly. I didn’t struggle on anything and I scored 100% -that is more than the last time too! Thank you very much for the wonderful teaching skills and teaching a lot of things I didn’t previously understand.

Aberdeen City

I would like to thank Mr Aswith for tutoring my daughter. We are really happy with her progress the year. She wish to continue with Mr. Aswith in summer for Algebra 2.

New Jersey

This is Tiven…um….I like to thank you for teaching me well in Geometry for the entire year. Thanks to you I have been able to maintain my A and pass for both the first and second semester. I am grateful that you were patient and kind with helping me with my homework when I was struggling. I have nothing but gratitude.

My daughter took classes with Growing Stars for AP Computer Science Principles and just finished this May. She had classes with Mr. Thoufeeq, and we just wanted to say thank you to him for being an incredible teacher !
He really helped her learn the class materials and be prepared for the AP project this year. Once, again thank you so much!

We are very happy with the Growing Stars team. My daughter did well in her Math placement test after taking classes with Sruthi. Sruthi was dedicated, motivating and encouraged my child to take her Math skills to the next level. Thanks to Jiji for managing our educational needs and coordinating with the instructors. We would like to thank the team of Growing stars for all their support and guidance.

Hi Sunitha!
I wanted to provide feedback on Manu.
He’s an incredibly patient and kind teacher . He really takes his time with the student to make sure they understand the material.
My own teacher commented a few weeks back at how much better my grasp of the material was! He is beyond helpful !! He has helped me learn Math skills that I know I’ll be using often in the future. Overall, he is a phenomenal tutor!
Thank you!

As the academic year-end is approaching, we would like to thank Aswin for helping Riya to improve her chemistry grades by understanding the concepts and basics of chemistry. One of the good educators who always kept Riya on toes and her classes very interesting. We are really grateful for having Aswin as one of her teachers. His valuable time spent by teaching her has truly benefited to improve her grades.

In addition, We would like to thank Rohini for all the assistance provided. Keep up the good work!!!

New York
Dear Suja,
I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you are doing in supporting Lucia in her Math work! She has made tremendous progress, thanks to your constant engaging in teaching and providing all the guidance. Lucia scored 78% in her third quarter and her current score in the fourth quarter is 92%. We looking forward to more progress.
Hi Mary ,
I hope you are well. I want to inform you that Jai got selected to the highest level of Maths for grade 6 due to the hard work and patience of Shilpi. I think the credit is all Shilpi’s as Jai is a bit difficult to deal with. Want to thank you, Shilpi, and Growing Stars for your efforts!
Hi Ann,
Thanks a lot to Monalisha, Rakhi , you, and Growing Stars team for all the help and support extended to my daughter .We look forward to working with you for the next academic year.
We would like to say thank you to the tutor Mr. Aji Mathew for teaching my daughter Algebra and Trigonometry. He was very patient and diligent with his teaching and showed a very good understanding of the subject.
My kids also take SAT tutoring from Mr. Haridas and Mrs. Shantheri for SAT Math and Mrs. Geetha Venkitesh for SAT English.
They are wonderful!!!
The best part of Growing Stars is the individual care and attention shown to each student ! There is always a follow up call or email to make sure the sessions were successful, and HW is done.Feedback about each session is given along with student progress.
Thank you to Cigi George, the Education Manager for making sure the courses were all in order.
Thank you again,
Thank you for teaching my daughter! It has been a great help for her and I appreciate it sincerely. If you need any references I would be happy to do so for you or for Growing Stars.

Hi Nisanth,

I am very happy to inform that my son could go into Grade A in English Comprehension after working so much for an year with consistent improvement in his studies. My heartfelt thanks to John Paul Sir, who did not give up on him, even though my son is not so interactive.
John Paul Sir,
Hope he will continue to excel and will reach good in his SAT as well. Thank you once again for your teaching. You helped a lot for him to improve on his comprehension skills

Hello Radhika,
I would like to provide feedback for Shiju Miss as Ardra has been tutored for more than 3 years.

Ardra has thoroughly enjoyed Shiju’s way of teaching. Shiju has gone above and beyond in teaching Math. Shiju ensured that Ardra was prepared for every quiz and every single test. She would ask Ardra to clear all her doubts using skype messaging apart from the scheduled sessions. So she did not just make it like a student-teacher classroom relationship, but more like a family member who was accessible whenever Ardra needed her help. Shiju’s communication skills are commendable. Initially, we thought that this would be a barrier but Ardra did not have any trouble and actually loved Shiju’s way of communicating. Shiju has creative ways of making the subject interesting.


Ardra hated Math. But because of the way Shiju would relate Math to real-life scenarios, Ardra understood the concepts very well and she will remember this thru’ out her life. Shiju is a very friendly and approachable person. She would talk in between about different things so this made the class very interesting and Ardra always looked forward to her sessions with Shiju.  Ardra and I are very sad that Shiju will not be Ardra’s teacher for she will be taking Geometry. We wish Shiju miss all the very best.


Please feel free to forward this email to Growing Stars management or let me know the contact and I can forward it as well. I
want to ensure that Shiju Miss is being recognized for her hard work and her enthusiasm for all that she has done to our family.
It did not just benefit Ardra but our family too as we were at peace to know that she is in extremely good hands and is very well taken care of. We will truly miss you Shiju!
Sugar Land
Dear Ansu,
I just want to say big thank you to you! Rachel’s math class went very easy and able to keep her grade always above 90 this school year. She improved a lot and she enjoyed math class.
I wish I could continue to have you next year for both my kids. I am sure Rachel going to miss you this summer. I wish you have safe time in kerala.
Keep in touch
Mini Thomas
Hello Jasmu and Jiji,
As you guys are aware, Yesterday was the last class of Math for Anagh for the current year as I want to take a small break and then will restart with 7th-grade curriculum.
I would like to thank Ms. Jasmu Jacob for all your services towards us!
Although when I started with growing stars, I had high expectations but somehow language arts didn’t work out for us due to many factors. When we decided to discontinue English and try math sessions I wasn’t expecting much with my past experience but I must say you have met all my expectation levels!
In fact, my kid reached to a confidence level that even if he doesn’t understand something in the classroom he always had a thought in mind..never mind, my growing stars teacher is going to help me understand it better!.. Thanks for building that confidence in my kid. Jasmu, though I didn’t interact much with you..but with my little experience I have seen you are very good in making him understand the concepts calmly n without losing patience. He trusted in your methodology of teaching and looked forward to attend the class. I would like to thank you on behalf of me and Anagh.

Coming to Jiji, you are a very sweet girl I must say!.. The first person to interact with from Growing Stars..You are always available for me. I admire your dedication and hard work towards your work..You are approachable and solved all my issues without delaying whether its technical or non-technical.. Thank you so much !

I would like to conclude myself saying that I am very happy with Growing Stars and their entire staff for their noble work towards kids growth and development. You guys are doing great job and please keep it up!
Will talk to you guys very soon… till then Bye..
Mrs. Patil

Hi Team,

We are glad to inform you that my son took the placement exam yesterday and scored 100% which helped him to move on his next level.
The sincere coaching/efforts put down from his teacher Ms. Remadevi made him achieve this. Many thanks to Ms. Remadevi & Kudos to the Growing Star team.

Hello, Rohini,
We were very impressed with the Growing stars’ quality of teaching and customer service.
Rohini was always on top of things and made sure classes were scheduled properly.
Radhika was an excellent tutor.
She had a lot of patience explaining all the problems.
We would highly recommend working with Radhika and Rohini at Growing stars.


Hi Dhaya,

Hope you are doing good. I want to let you know that Amogha got into Honors class for next year. I am happy to share that Growing Stars and Kakoli helped us in this last year. We will continue in the summer and next year as well. Thanks to Kakoli for all the hard work and dedication. Thanks,

Just wanted to share the feedback of Faiz. Arjun is a  great tutor ! It is clear that he spends a lot of time preparing for each session. He always makes sure my son is clear on each topic before starting another. He is easy to contact and very approachable. Aside from teaching he also has a great personality that makes each session very enjoyable. Faiz’s feedback is testimony of hard work by Arjun which resulted in Faiz getting so comfortable and having absolute confidence in Arjun. As his parent I am so glad Faiz has Arjun as his Maths tutor to help him learn and excel the subject.

New Jersey
As the first semester just ended, I just wanted to share my daughter’s results.
She did very well on her recent exam. In one test she scored 91 and in the other, she scored 84. This brought her total score in Math to 80% in the first semester. As she has all A’s and one B she ended the semester with Honor Roll!!! She is so happy!!!
We thank Rasmi!!! Her guidance and Amandeep’s hard work paid off.
When she started tutoring with Rasmi her score in math was 48% and ended with 80%!!!
Wanted to let you know that my daughter has benefited from her math classes. A semester test was conducted at her school last week and she performed really well, scored 100% on the test and her grade went up from 90 to 92%.

Wanted to thank Ms.Bhavya for her guidance and support. Very much appreciated.

Hi Viswesh,
Thank you for your call a while ago. I just checked with Shreyas on the scores and he got a 47/50 which is 94% on the semester final. Thank you to Ms. Rakhee for the tutoring. Shreyas, Suresh and I are very happy with her,
Hello Susan,
I want to say thank you for your help in Math for my daughter. Her understanding of the material is much better and she is able to talk to you about her concerns and questions. She did get 96 % on her semester final. We hope to continue the sessions for the upcoming semester.
Thank you
Hello, this is Jayant Kumar. I took the Math classes from Growing Star before my December SAT test. They helped me improve my math score by 30 points and I have reached the score I want. My teacher’s teaching techniques helped me greatly.
My teacher Haridas TP, helped me gain 30 points from 750 to 780 in math.
Thank you for helping me achieve this score.
Jayant Kumar

My daughter is showing really good improvement in Geometry nowadays. Her unit five test result came in yesterday and she scored 100 %. We really appreciate all the effort her Geometry tutor Misha M Prakash is taking for bringing her up to speed. Once again thank you and hope to continue the same momentum throughout the year.

Thank you,

New Jersey

We are so happy with our Ashwin’s Growing Stars teachers. Our son has scored very well in Precalculus and Physics. Both the teachers are excellent and taught very good. Most importantly they work with us within our constraints. Very hard to get good knowledgeable teachers. We are lucky to have both Heera and Jane! Also, you have been wonderful to us by scheduling the classes in short notices, Dhaya. We like your prompt responses and meeting our needs.

Thanks for your help.
I just want to take an opportunity to thank my son’s Biology teacher – Maria Susan for all her help. Pratheek started off the year with minimal Biology knowledge and now he has growing interest in the topic and all the credit goes to his teacher!
She is very dedicated and committed to what she is doing and we are very happy with Growing Stars.

Thank you again.
New Jersey

In his last test, my son has scored 99 in Algebra II. I would like to thank Mr. Davis for working hard with Shayon, always ready to help him out and showing his continuous support. Thanks to Growing Star for giving us, nice teacher. I am hoping with the help of you he will do great in his semester-end test which is starting from 16th.Thanks to Ms. Jiji for answering all queries and always available to help


I am happy to share with you that Tanmay got 81 % in his unit 2 Math test and 100% in his skill check. He would be able to continue his accelerated math class with these grades.

I would like to thank you for all your help, Rini, and please pass on this to Dhaya and convey my regards to him as well.
I appreciate all your help.

Thanks a lot to Abin for his AP Calculus tutoring help to Sree. It surely helped a lot to improve her test score.
Rama Vadiyala
San Ramon

I wanted to give a positive review for my classes with Ms. Muthulata. She improved my essays abundantly, allowing them to become more engaging rather than flat pieces of writing. My introductions became very attention-grabbing with some of her tips and she inspired me to use more literary devices to strengthen description. She was very dedicated to helping me improve and making sure the essay still reflected my original meaning, even when we had some time constraints and I needed to review multiple long essays. Overall, I am very happy with our classes. 10/10!

Thank you,
Sugar Land

My son is maintaining a grade of A in his math class. I can honestly say he would not have achieved this much without the effective tutoring of Vidhya Prakash. Thank you for your help, and continue the great work. Much appreciated.

San Jose
Just wanted to let you know what my son thinks about Growing Star classes and the teacher.
He got his test marks for the recent test- scored 99 out of 100, and he credits that to Miss Hafsa. He says the lesson is taught even before it is taught in the school and he already knows the lesson when it is taught in the school which helps him a lot. He also mentioned Ms.Hafsa reviews lessons for the tests. He seems to get more interested in Math and he wants to learn Geometry as well. Trying to see what timings will work and will soon reach out for that.
This review is from my son, Amogh, himself, nothing added from my end. Obviously we parents are happy :-).
Thank you, Ms. Hafsa, for all the effort and heart you put in!
My daughter loves her teacher and looks forward to Growing Stars class always! She was an A student from the start, but I have seen the scores go up and I am sure they will continue to go up, if she continues with the same teacher and program.
We love our teacher very much. She does a lot with love and professionalism and is truly devoted to seeing that the student does well. My daughter has asked me if she can switch from another Math program to Growing Stars Math program as well, and we are evaluating for next semester. This is just how good she likes 1-on-1 tutoring. We do appreciate Ms. Nambiar.
North Carolina

We wanted to share the good news that Aahana passed her Regents exam with a very good score – 96. We want to thank Jisha  & Mintu for their her help and guidance which has helped Aahana to achieve success in Regents.


New York
There is good news! Isha cleared Integrated Math Test-1. She scored 95 % in the test. Thanks a lot of for your help, Zehra !
Isha’s teachers agreed her to move to IMT-2. I let Isha handle the negotiation with her counselor and teachers and she did a good job there.
Thanks again for instilling interest in Math and helping her to discover she is good at math!

Isha wants to continue sessions on Monday and Wednesday. She is more interested in Math these days.

I am writing this email to thank Ms. Hafsa and Growing Stars from the bottom of our hearts for the guidance and help you provide Om every day. I believe that Ms.Hafsa’s knowledge and dedication was the main factor that enabled Om to better his Math score in the Georgia milestones. More than anything, what has impressed us the most is the way that she has interested and motivated Om to learn Math. We are indebted! Thank you once again for all your help and support! I am writing this email to thank Ms. Hafsa and Growing Stars from the bottom of our hearts for the guidance and help you provide Om every day. I believe that Ms.Hafsa’s knowledge and dedication was the main factor that enabled Om to better his Math score in the Georgia milestones. More than anything, what has impressed us the most is the way that she has interested and motivated Om to learn Math. We are indebted!
Thank you once again for all your help and support!


I wanted to let you know Raseelul was a great tutor for Umar. Umar has a good understanding now about how the PSAT exam will be. I would like to see him practice for the SAT next summer, and hopefully with Raseelul, if he is still tutoring with Growing Stars. The thing I really wanted this summer was to expose him to the test, and Raseelul did a remarkable & wonderful job helping him to see how it will be!


We have good news about Alfred. He again scored an A. We are very happy for him. Special thanks to Hari. I think Alfred has already let him know about it.

Thank you so much for all your help.


I want to let you know that our son got 93 on his final test and 95 as overall final grade which made him eligible for honors Algebra 2.

We want to thank you all for the effort and support, especially Thripura.
It wouldn’t have been easy without Thripura or Growing Stars! We are so glad we found you !!
Thank you Viswesh for staying on top to make sure everything moves as planned and looking forward to working with you all in the future.
South Brunswick

I just wanted to thank Growing Stars and my tutor Mr. Mohan for the help this summer in physics. I was able to complete semester 2 with an overall grade of 95% which is amazing considering the speed we went about completing it. Mr. Mohan was excellent and I highly recommend him for physics tutoring to anyone else as he was able to take the question, explain it on the whiteboard, allowing me to choose the correct answer.

If I need tutoring in the future I will certainly contact Growing Stars in the future but for now, I am fine. 
Thanks for all the help
Rayaan Rauf

We are really happy with the performance of our son after we started tutoring with Growing Stars. Tutor Karthika has made my son independent & confident by making him do homework, and he is motivated by her.

My son is a slow learner and doesn’t show interest in English. Now after joining with GS, he has shown interest to learn and wanted to start with Math tutoring!
As a parent, I am also very happy with the service offered by Growing Stars and I referred my coworker who will start tutoring with GS from August 1stweek. I will continue referring customers to growing stars as it is a  platform for kids to develop their future.


My daughter did well in AP Bio and got a 4. Thank you for your wishes. I will definitely convey to her.

She had a good time with you and your class. It was a pleasure to have you as her tutor, Poonam !

Buffalo Grove

Thank you for helping my son with algebra revision, Sruti. He secured 99% in his Regents. Your review of all chapters helped to go over all the topics

Hello Mrs. Prasad,
I just got my AP scores and I got a 5 on AP Computer Science A. All your tutoring really helped me and thank you so much for being such a great and caring teacher.
Thank you again!

Rahul scored 5 in his AP Computer Science exam and it was because of the guidance from Mr. Stephen James. He is a great teacher and we are glad that Rahul took sessions with him. My elder son Rohit also took sessions with him previously and scored 5.

Thank you very much for helping my daughter with her Algebra 1 sessions, Zehra!
She really enjoys your lessons. I really appreciate your commitment and preparation for each session. She did her test today and she thinks it was not difficult and she did it well! I will let you know the final results when we get them. Finally, We look forward to meeting you next year with Algebra 2 sessions.
Thank you Growing Stars!
Warm Regards
My daughter has scored 97% for the final test and she has been admitted to a higher level. She had joined for Growing Stars Summer Program and will be resuming back again in August.
Thank you, Sheena, for putting all your efforts for getting the best out of her with limited time!

Hi Noble,
I have been meaning to write a note of thanks for a while, it got delayed somehow.
Kalyani brought out the best in Lohit! His math skills have improved by leaps and bounds. He passed the Algebra 1 and Geometry placement tests and will be starting on Algebra 2 ( honors) for 9th grade. Kalyani was adaptable and tailored the sessions to match the specified requirements.
Kalyani, thanks so much for your patience and efforts!

I am so happy to let you know that my son’s school has given him the option to skip 6th grade as he did very well in the Stanford Achievement test for language, math, and science. I would really thank for all the support Shilpi has given him over the years. She keeps learning fun, enjoyable and has a flair working with a kid like Arjun. Not many teachers have been able to get the best out of him as Shilpi has done. Thank you for giving him challenging work and keeping him ahead. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

His school is a grade ahead. So he will be doing 8th-grade work. It is a huge leap. Hopefully, you could plan some bridge kind of activities during the summer.


Nikitha did well in her AP Calculus AB and AP Biology exams and scored 5 in both. I appreciate the help from Growing Stars tutors and your help in finding them for us, Benjamin.
With the next school year starting in August, I need to enroll Nikitha for AP Calculus BC tutoring (2 hours per week). I would also like to enroll my son for AP Physics tutoring ( 2 hours per week)

I’m pleased to report that I have gotten 5s on all my AP exams, which were: Bio, Calc BC, Physics C Mechanics, Physics C E & M, and Statistics.
Thank you to all my teachers, and Growing Stars staff for helping tutor me these past few years, I’ve definitely improved with your help.
I’d like to especially thank Mr Mohan for Physics help because physics were my hardest exams, his tutoring definitely helped me get a 5.
Again, thanks for all the help these past few years, I really appreciate it.
Nirmal Sekher

Thank you for your great teaching which helped me get the 5, the highest score. I got a 5 on Math FSA.


Growing Stars has really helped me throughout my educational pursuits. The lessons have helped me improve in tough concepts, such as AP Calculus AB. The teachers are amazing, always ready to help, and punctual. The classes are so convenient to take at home. Harder science subjects, like Chemistry, became less daunting and more manageable.

Amal got scored 5 in AP calculus. Thank you, Leena, for all your hard work in teaching him.
Thanks again Growing Stars!

Vishal scored 5 in Ap Calculus. Thank you for all your help

It’s a time to sincerely thank you, Teacher Litty, for your year-long effort to Yatin. We really appreciate your time, patience & support. Your hard work paid off, as a result, he scored the Level 4 (Standard Exceeded) which is the highest for any student can get. We honestly thank you for all your support, especially last-minute requests from Yatin’s mom to support him with additional practice tests, the extra time you spent with Yatin & your follow-ups with us.
I also sincerely thank Madhumita Teacher and really appreciate her year-long support to Yatin. We could see her effort on his recent CAASPP score. He scored the Level 4 (Standard Exceeded) which is the highest for any student can get.
We all are very satisfied with your services, once again a big thank you from all of us.
We look forward to the same level of support from Growing Stars going forward!
Advikaa’s AP Bio results came in today & she scored a perfect 5. Please thank Monolisha for her guidance and support.

Our son has been getting Math lessons from Ms. Tripura for the past year. His skills and confidence have improved over his Sophomore year, thanks to the approach taken by this amazing teacher! With the change that we have seen in him, we can definitely say that she is a wonderful teacher and would highly recommend her to any kid who is keen on learning/improving their Math skills. She is extremely cooperative with time, understands that the kids have various activities going on and will need a change of schedule. Can’t thank her enough as she was available for him at this crucial stage in his school.
Kudos to you Nisanth, in understanding what my son needs, getting us connected to her, putting up with many changes requested and being there for us always to answer and resolve all our questions and concerns promptly.
Thank you again and please pass our message to Ms. Tripura and Growing Stars leadership team.


Hi Preeti,

Just wanted to thank you for being a great tutor for Nandan. You were such a sincere and dedicated tutor. We greatly appreciate your help.
Thanks again, Growing Stars!


I got a 95 on my chem final! I have been seeing a lot of improvement after I have been taking the sessions with Growing Stars.


Tutor Jetto is really amazing and he helped Dennis to get 95 % for all semesters after joining GS!
It was 91 % before and that’s the reason why we joined Growing Stars and he is back to his 95 average now, and we are more than happy !!!
Thanks, Jetto. Surely joining after June for Geometry.


Wahhaj got an A in Maths and physics.

We would like to thank both the Physics and Calculus teachers at Growing Stars for the help they have provided Wahhaj during the past year.
We hope to continue with growing stars in the next academic year too.
Thank you once again.

I hope you are well, Pushpa ! I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation to you and Growing Stars, for helping me through my high school with my wonderful tutor, Prerana Kamath. I have learned so much from her and graduated high school with the most sincere help from her, with a full score of 4 on Calculus.

With her incredible and loving teaching style, I might as well use her help for my college years.

Thank You

Muska K. Numan
Thank you for teaching Anoushka for the past two years, Shiju ! You have taught and guided Anoushka, which has enabled her to get good grades in math,
and very important is, she enjoys doing math now. We are sure to miss you. But I am sure,  you will be a great teacher and mentor to many more kids.

Thank you again and best wishes.


First let me thank you for all the effort you have put into my child, Thivya!

I remember when she started with Growing Stars, she was at the bottom and now she is at a good number and we Thank You for it.

Word problems were always her weakness and she gets confused by the language and cannot set up the figures but no worries we have until October to prepare her for that.

Her scores in class have gone up to A grades, because of the consistent training with you!

Geetha Venkitesh too is very good, and has been very helpful for my child! “

We are truly grateful  to Growing Stars !”

Chloe's mom Anne

I give Ann a 10 out of 10 stars! She is so kind and amazingly amazing at explaining things. I love being in her class and learning things such as circumference and how to do it through tips/ tricks and many formulas. Overall I think Ann is an AMAZING teacher and I would definitely recommend her and I hope to have another amazing year with her.

Thanks for everything and for getting me straight As in math for almost 2 whole years.

Mahnoor Khan
British Columbia - Canada

I am emailing you to inform you Umar did very well on his State testing for Math this year. He scored above grade level.
Thank you for teaching him. We are truly grateful to tutor Linda for putting in 100% in getting the scores. We are so very pleased and excited about the results.
Looking forward to the year ahead!

Hello Sheila and Pooja,
I write this this message to you with immense happiness and gratitude towards Ms. Pooja, as she contributed a big part in achieving our daughter Riya to finish her 8th Grade Math (Algebra I) commendably this year. The school is closed now for summer vacation and she would be starting her high school around 3rd week of Aug in 2019. I remember when we started Riya’s tuition with Ms Pooja few months back at Growing Stars, Riya was a student scoring an average of 85% in her school tests in Algebra I. But with Pooja’s coaching and motivation Riya’s Algebra-I school average is bumped to 94% at the end of the school year. She is graduated from the middle school with an honor roll on 30th May 2019. More than that she started loving the subject Algebra and we are really thankful to Ms. Pooja for her continuous coaching and motivating Riya.
Tom Thomas

Hi Devi, Good morning!!
Just wanted to inform you that Shreeya got 100% in her 7th grade final Algebra test in school. I want to convey our sincere appreciation and thanks for all your help. Please continue to provide your valuable teaching and guidance to her going forward.

Vasu & Padma
Hi Jitty,
I really wanted to thank you for helping my son during the past semester. He became quite confident and comfortable with math after his sessions with you.
Thanks again,

Thank you so much for all your help and support for Sri for the past 2 years. You were very motivating and students need teachers like you to excel in their classes ! It is always nice talking to you and thank you for all your inputs regarding Sri. Once again thank you so much Jikku, and best wishes to you and your family !


Because of all your hard work and commitment with Semira, she got selected into Advanced Algebra for next year.
Wanted to thank you, you have been amazing this year !
Thank you Anisha for assigning Semira to Linda

I wanted to let you know that Sanjana did exceedingly well in her latest quarterly exam and scored 100 / 100. She will in all likelihood finish this quarter with an average of about 97.5 (A+), which thus far is the highest for the 3 marking periods completed. The bar has been raised!.
Appreciate all the effort that you have put in.
Thank you
Edison ,NJ
I want to share Jeema’s achievement in his English language class. He did a perfect score in his standardized test second time in a row. He is very confident and happy with his score, there are very few kids in the school achieved it.
We are glad that working with Ms. Sally increased his passion for reading comprehension greatly. He is working on writing, definitely, I see growth. Thank you, Ms. Sally, for listening to him talking and keeping him focused.
We referred our friends to use this resource to enrich their kids.
Good day!
Zakiya and Md Karim

My daughter worked with Growing Stars and got 9s on her ISEE exam. She got into her first choice of private high school. My son worked with Growing Stars and got national merit on psat (including a perfect math score) and a 790 math on sat and 730 verbal as a junior. He is now looking at selective colleges. Growing Stars has been critical for both kids. I refer friends and tell them that it can make a difference in the ever more competitive US college system.

I just want to thank you guys again for all of your hard work and help with both kids.

Tim Stock

Abhi’s PSAT score is 1480 out of 1520. He made to National Merit! He would probably make to the semifinalist list! He would know that in 12 grade. His SAT score was 1520 out of 1600.790 in Math and 730 in English.

Thanks to Growing Stars Tutoring, and to both tutors!! He wants to take the SAT again to improve his score. I will talk to you in January about it.

I want to thank you for being a wonderful Math teacher for my kids, Jacob and Rachel. When Jacob started the math class in summer 2018, he was struggling to interpret math problems and determining the next steps to solve. Since then he has made tremendous improvements and now he is getting 90% or above grades in his class.
You have worked with him from the basics and now Math has become his favorite subject!
Also, I am grateful for you for finding a slot to teach Rachel. We are sure your coaching will improve her skills as well.
We really appreciate your time, efforts and patience which are helping to improve our Kids education.
Thanks again,

Olivia is off to University in England, and for IB,  her grade in math was a 5! She was happy!

Thank you so much for helping her especially, Sherin did a great job. Her final score at the IB was 36


Thanks a lot to Asha madam for her teaching, guidance, support, and understanding. She has played a crucial role in Riya’s academic life helping her out with Math and preparing her for higher standards. She has shown tremendous patience and supports adjusting to our needs as we had to reschedule classes due to exams for other subjects at school and extracurricular activities. Actually, words are not enough to express thanks! Riya has definitely benefited with her classes and has got good scores last year in Math that increased her GPA. Appreciate all her time and help all of last year and prior.


Thank you for guiding & coaching Shruthi through the SAT prep. Shruthi has received an excellent score (Math – 800 & English-700; Total-1500) in the SAT. Attached is the detailed score report. Without both of your dedicated effort & coaching, she would not have got this great score. We sincerely appreciate your effort and guidance.

We wanted to take a minute to let you know that the help that Aanya got from Ms. Meena made a huge difference in Aanya’s grasp of the concepts. Given that it was practically a full year’s worth of course content that was covered in just over 5 weeks, it is quite a remarkable achievement. Ms. Meena adjusted the pace very well to fit in the very short timeframe emphasizing just the right areas so that Aanya could grasp the most important concepts. We would like to thank Ms. Meena for helping Aanya secure an A grade in part 2. One can only imagine that if this course was stretched out for the full school year, how that help would have completely solidified the understanding of this important High School Math subject. So if I were to rate Ms. Meena, I will happily give her 5 stars. Aanya agrees. A big thank you to Ms. Meena!
Pankaj & Anjali

I would like to thank Growing Stars for the excellent tutoring services offered to both my kids for the past 4.5 years.
A special thanks to you Renjith for being an exceptionally fantastic Education Manager for both Vikram and Vivek. I highly appreciate your patience and understanding. Many times you have gone out of your way to get the right tutor to match Vikram’s personality. Your sincerity and dedication have never ceased to amaze me! Keep up your great work!

Vikram worked with tutor Sandra for 2.5 years. She gave him the confidence to score straight As in math throughout his high school years. Even though at first Sandra was not teaching Precalculus, she was kind enough to take up the subject just for the sake of teaching Vikram. Such personal care and attention is rare to find these days! Thanks to Sandra for the care she showered on Vikram:-)

As you know well, Vivek had a great rapport with tutor Rani last year. Doing extra problems with Rani helped Vivek ace his school tests like a breeze. Thanks to Rani for always being patient and understanding towards Vivek.

We have always heard your voices, but never have had the opportunity to meet with you. We truly want to see you, Sandra and Rani, to express our gratitude in person. We would like to come Kochi on 14th July and meet you all.
Thanks again for your wonderful service!

A big thanks for your unrelenting support and patience this year, Mary ! I know you have had a tough year but you made sure our tutoring needs were taken care of. You always go out of your way to find the best teacher and best timings to fit our child’s schedule and we are truly blessed and grateful to have you on our account. Big thanks to you for your continuing support !!!
Preetha is an amazing teacher, kind and patient. She had our child very well prepared for the AP, who showed amazing improvement in her class with Preetha’s support. Pls thank and RECOGNIZE Preetha for all her efforts.
Though we signed on late in the year with her, Jikku jumped in and helped in all aspects. She has empathy and maturity to not weaken a child’s moral, and intelligence to teach well even though she was brought in half way through the year. Jikku truly helped our child improve her grade and performance in Biology. Pls thank and recognize Jikku for all her efforts .

Thank you and I appreciate your patience with me this year since I didn’t have a great teacher at school to help me. I’ve learned Physics better through you compared to my school!

I’m grateful and would request for you if I have any college courses for Physics.
Thank you again Ms.Biveira.

Lura Henry
I ended up getting a 93 on my exam, and it brought my grade up from a B to an A ! THANK YOU so much for teaching me this year!
It has been a tough 3 years on Math team and I couldn’t have done it without help. In 6th Grade I never had an A in math team but by the end of 8th Grade I had A’s in math team this entire school year.
The help which you have given will never be taken for granted. I will miss you!!!
Joshua Jacob

My daughter has been with Growing Stars for the last couple of years. We are very pleased with the tutors and the quality of instruction that she is receiving.  The teachers are very helpful and very much interested in the success of the student.  We also get frequent calls from our Education Manager, as well as various individuals, making sure we are satisfied with the services we are receiving.  We are always treated with utmost respect, care, and understanding, and they are always willing to work with the family to make sure all aspects of the student’s goals are met.  We highly recommend the service, especially because it’s the best education for a reasonable price, and also in the comfort of the child’s home, without having to travel to a distant location, for potentially a less positive outcome and more money.

Delilah D
Riverside, California

Pranati had a wonderful year 2017-2018, and her Math marks are excellent. She did good in her Math exams throughout the year. I would like to thank her Math teacher Ms.Thripura on this regard.

Dwarakanath Rao
New Jersey

So happy and proud to announce Ishan’s quarterly grades. He got Grade A.
Really it would not have been possible, if Mrs. Bindu Nair was not helping him at a personal level and guiding him through all the way. I want to thank Bindu Mam for helping Ishan. Sometimes as a teenager he would not like to listen, but with Bindu Mam’s patience, it was all possible!

In Math, he got 100% , 60/60. All thanks to his teacher Lakxmi Prabha, as she worked with Ishan so closely. As quarterly approached close, changed the schedule so many times, but she just managed so good!
And thanks to Noble as he is such a great Manager

Pradnya Todkari
New Jersey

I would like to thank Priya, who has been an excellent teacher to my son and helped Harshaan to avail the opportunity to transfer to advanced Math class. Without her effort, it would have been tough to achieve. Many thanks to Priya !

I would also like to extend my Thanks to Rasidha (Director of Education), who would always keep track of my sons’ progress Hartaj and Harshaan and helped me to take right decisions. She also guided me in the right direction to help my kids to achieve their goals. She has always been in touch with me.  Appreciate it!

Thanks to Growing Star family and looking forward to be part of it for a long time.

I would like to let you know that Yana had her parent-teacher conference last week and she is doing very well in school. She is way ahead of her classmates in reading and writing.Also in math, she is able to do all the problems with ease and is meeting the grade level.She has been scoring 3 which is the benchmark and has scored 100% on all her class tests. Thank you Madhumita and Valenteena for your help
Seema Chopra
New York

Malan got a 96% on chap 6 test. Thank you!!!
Wish I knew about you guys sooner!” “She also scored 100% on Trigonometry ch test and 48/50 on I term final test”. Malan was in C grade when joined Growing Stars. Thanks a lot for your support, Parvathi teacher.

Maritza Campbell
Castro Valley, CA

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all your help with Riya. Ever since you have started to tutor Riya, she has excelled a lot in reading and in other subjects in school. She has reached many milestones in her academics. My family and I are very grateful to Growing Stars, for your dedication and the time you are spending with Riya.

S Johnson

Hello Vidhya Madam, Thanks!! a lot for all your help to Vishnu. Vishnu got 95% in his module 7 test. He was so happy that he said: ” Please don’t stop Growing stars until I finish my Ph.D.” This really gave a lot of confidence to him. Thanks

Divya Gundurao
Sunny Vale, California

Adrian has had a very good time working with Leena and I believe has progressed extremely well under her tutelage. At this point we believe that he is in very good shape for now with regard to his grade level math (he currently has a 102+% in the class thanks to some extra credit) and also feels that he understands the material.  Physics tutor is very helpful too.Adrian continues to have good success working with your instructors and we are very satisfied with all of the assistance. I have been trying to convince others to give your service a try and will keep up that effort as I think it is great!

Chris Moore
Saratoga, California

Both my sons, Josiah and Jeremiah, have been taking math tutor with Growing Stars for about three years. I can attest that they both got “A” scores with all their math classes. In fact, my oldest son enjoys his math so much that now he got admitted in Accounting at San Jose State University. What I like about Growing Stars is that it works with the school book that the student is using, and it tutors exactly where is needed, so there is not waste of time. It emphasizes in developing the understanding of the material that the tutor is working with the student. Tutors are expert in their subject, easy to understand, flexible, and kind with their students. There is not a sense of pressure. I am well pleased with Growing Stars service, and we will continue to use it.

Mariela Davallou

The advanced instruction that Growing Stars has provided has been priceless. I would like to stress once again that my children have greatly benefited from Growing Stars Tutors. Both my children have expressed that the instruction provided by Growing Stars is superior. In fact, my son has been taught by Private, Catholic and Charter School teachers, and he says Growing Stars provides the best teaching.Your organization provides superior tutoring, and Growing Stars has been a Godsend in assisting us through our educational journey.

Yolanda Patterson
I just wanted to provide you a copy of Garett’s state test scores we received recently. I really appreciate all the hard work everyone has put in helping Garett obtain scores like these. This is a true testament to the skills of everyone involved with Garett’s learning there at Growing Stars. I can not say enough about Suja’s and Maya’s efforts and skills in helping Garett reach his learning potential. Growing Stars has been part of our family for a long time, and every minute has been well worth it.Thank you so much!
Greg and Linda Clark
Corona, California

When I first heard about online tutors in India helping US students I was a little skeptical. I am so glad we tried it last year. This is the second year in a row we have signed up for math tutoring. Our daughter’s tutor is wonderful and very patient. My daughter routinely comments that she finally understands the math lessons she is getting at school because her Growing Stars tutor explains everything in a way she understands. I encourage any parent whose child may be struggling to sign up for this extremely convenient and personalized service. My daughter also took advantage of a compressed SAT prep class last summer. If was very helpful and effective. Growing Starts also utilizes excellent customer service reps that check in to make sure we are pleased with the service and that we are seeing results. I highly recommend Growing Stars.

R. Dey

Before Growing Stars, my marks were pretty good, but not stellar. I wanted to get high marks and ensure easy admission into Engineering. Growing Stars helped me obtain high marks consistently which secured my engineering admission and hence, helped lay the groundwork for my future career. The program operates on several sessions spread throughout the week through one on one sessions between the tutors and the tutees. The tutors to whom I was assigned for Math and Chemistry were not only extremely competent but kind and understanding as well. I admire the relationship between the tutee and the tutor that Growing Stars maintains, which allows both sides to be open and friendly with each other. Even out of session time, I could still shoot my tutors questions through skype and still get a response! I found this to be extremely helpful as I would often think of questions outside of the given time. Due to Growing Stars, my marks began to rise successively every term. I got accepted into all of the university programs to which I applied, which would have never been possible had I not engaged this excellent tutoring service.

Asiman Datye
Toronto, Canada

Before Growing Stars, I was getting 80-85% on Algebra II tests. I understood the concepts, but individual problems proved to be a challenge. My first test after starting sessions was an A, and I finished the year with a 96% average in the class. I will be continuing with their tutoring as long as I can, and am confident that they can help me attain the level of academic success I am aiming for.

Camille Scears

Wanted to thank you and ur team for another wonderful year of learning & teaching for my girls.Priya for organizing everything the way we wanted and for being there always. To me, she is just a phone call away.Valsalas , Rani & Leena for all their efforts in making it work for petal. Want to give you guys credit for my daughter’s performance. She got a junior award for academic excellence. Big credit to you all !! of the sweetest person as per my younger daughter. With Your hard work, Komal has scored mostly 100 on her math test throughout the year. And finally has started liking math.Once again thank you all!!! Have a good summer !!

Rupa Samrow
New York

I am writing to express my thanks to you for helping my son with his math last year.  He ended the fourth grade year with a low B in math and was quite disappointed with the way the year went.  We started Growing Stars Tutoring in the fall of fifth grade year and noticed a remarkable difference in his confidence and conceptual understanding of math.  He was able to get an “A” on most of his tests through the year. His tutor was excellent and knew just what he needed. We definitely plan to continue with Growing Stars.

Lovy Sra
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