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AP Computer Science covers fundamental principles of computer science and programming using Java, emphasizing problem-solving and algorithmic thinking to prepare students for college-level coursework in computer science. Students learn key concepts, data structures, and software development skills.

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What You’ll Learn

If your student is enrolled in the Advanced Placement Computer Science A course, they might find themselves in need of some additional educational help, and that is where our tutors come in. AP Computer Science A is a course offered by the American College Board. It is the equivalent of a first semester college course in computer science. The previous incarnation of the course is AP Computer Science AB, which was a full year course and is no longer offered. This course and its AP final exam tests students on their knowledge and application of Java, a general purpose computer programming language. While the course used to utilize several programs as a part of its free response section of the test, these have now been replaced with optional labs to teach students different concepts.

  • Reading and understanding a problem’s description and goals
  • Data abstraction
  • Classes and class libraries
  • Design an interface
  • Data representation
  • Object-oriented and top-down development
  • Different programming constructs
  • Constant declarations
  • Class declarations
  • Programming construct controls
  • Sequential and conditional
  • Understanding and modifying existing code
  • Testing
  • Debugging

A private tutor is beneficial to students in many different ways. They can help your student master each of the topics covered by the AP Computer Science A course. If your student does not use a tutor throughout the year, they can also benefit from using a tutor in preparation for the AP Computer Science A final exam.

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Private AP Computer Science A Tutoring for Your Student

Their tutor can work with them on a variety of different topics, from learning hexadecimal and octal number systems to how to debug the different types of systems, such as a binary system. They can also help with subjects such as analysis of algorithms and other topics in AP Computer Science A. When your student works with a private tutor, they can discuss their concerns and academic struggles with the tutor. While there is no longer a case study on the final exam, there are optional case studies that can be worked on during the year.

Doing so will allow your student’s tutor to help them develop a study strategy and make recommendations to streamline the learning process. Rather than relying on the speed at which the classroom teacher moves through the material, working with a private tutor allows your student to move at their own pace. They can move as fast or as slow as they need to in order to cover the material in a way that they understand it.

Tutoring schedules are also flexible. Your student and their tutor can find a time that works around your student’s availability, taking into consideration things like their job schedule or afterschool activities such as cheerleading. If your student needs additional help, such as before the final exam, they can schedule increased time with their tutor.

Working on this material allows them to get a handle on real world practice to go along with their studies. They can get practice using the computer program created by the test makers for the AP Computer Science A exam and work on honing their skills. Your student does not need to struggle in silence with the material while they try to learn everything covered by the AP Computer Science A course.

They also do not need to simply rely on group lectures that may be paced sub-optimally for them, either moving too fast or too slow for comfort. Working with our one-on-one AP Computer Science A tutors allows your student to move at the pace they need to within our online learning platform, so they can learn from anywhere. Your student can immediately get answers to all of their questions.