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Learn the fundamentals of C++ programming, covering topics such as syntax, data types, control structures, and object-oriented programming principles, through hands-on coding exercises and projects. Develop the skills to design and implement efficient C++ programs for a variety of applications.

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What You’ll Learn

C++ Programming tutoring provides one-on-one attention in a focused environment that is designed to help your students succeed. C++ is a programming language that is object-oriented. It is maintained by the International Standards Organization and has many uses, including gaming, defense, communications and health care.

  • Functions
  • Arrays
  • Dynamic Memory
  • Variables
  • Files and Streams
  • Exception Handling

It is a highly functional language, and it can interface readily with other coding languages, such as C#. There is a range of different tests that are designed to test your student’s C++ abilities. Some of these include CPL (Programming Language Certified Associate), CAP (Certified Associate Programmer), CPP (Certified Professional Programmer) etc. If your student is looking at a career in computer programming, coding, or as a software engineer, a firm background in C++ programming is essential, and our tutors can help your student learn about the nuances and uses of the language.

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Preparing for C++ Testing

When your student studies C++ programming in a traditional classroom, they will usually be presented with multiple tests to assess their knowledge, understanding, and ability to apply the material. Working with a C++ tutor can help your student prepare for these assessments. For starters, together they can create a simple program like what your student will be tested on.

Terms and syntax that may need to be memorized can be quizzed to ensure your student understands the material. If your student has trouble with rote memorization, there is no need to despair. Our tutors will work with your student to find their best way to learn and can help them apply new or different memorization techniques. Together they can try mnemonics, make flashcards, or practice the storytelling technique. Your student’s C++ tutor can also work with them to prepare and study for certification exams.

Each of these standardized exams will have its own standards and rules, and our tutor can work with your student to learn all of the specifics to be prepared for the exam. Being prepared with this knowledge can help to alleviate some of the stress associated with test-taking. Our tutors can also help your student practice different relaxation techniques if they are still facing some test-taking anxiety, so they will be well equipped to deal with worries on the day of the test.

C++ tutoring offers many advantages over traditional learning in a classroom. While both options opportunity to work with an expert in the field, tutoring can be done alone or as an accompaniment to taking a course. Your student’s tutor will start by discussing their learning objectives and reviewing the course syllabus if they have one.

They will learn how your student learns best to present the material in the best light and customize lessons to your student’s individual needs. If your student has trouble with a specific area of study, our tutors can work with them on problem-solving or troubleshooting that topic, with plenty of examples and other resources.

Our C++ tutors are readily adaptable to ensure your student learns the material that they need to cover. The classroom setting just can’t compare to the advantages of learning with a private tutor. Because time management is so important with C++ exams as most are timed, your student’s tutor will work with them to practice time management skills. One way to do this is to work on practice tests.

If your student finds themselves running out of time before completing the assessment, our tutors can suggest some methods that may help your student work faster and apply their knowledge readily. Your student can practice these and work on another practice exam, trying different strategies until they find the ones that work best for them.

Our C++ tutors are also here to help your student develop an effective study plan when learning material and preparing for an exam. Using sample tests is one way that your student can see how much they have already mastered and what they might still need to work on. This allows study time to be more effective as your student focuses on areas they need to improve on.