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The ACT Science course provides a comprehensive review of scientific reasoning skills and data interpretation, equipping students with the strategies needed to excel in the ACT Science section through focused practice and targeted content review. This course emphasizes effective time management and mastery of key scientific concepts to optimize performance on the exam.

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What You’ll Learn

We provide a comprehensive ACT Science Test Prep Course of 20 hours in which we assess the student on knowledge and skills in core areas of Science. Our experienced tutors help the student with comprehending, analyzing, and applying these concepts which have already been learned over the years.

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Our course gives students the true challenge and environment associated with the ACT Science Test. We begin with an initial Diagnostic Test. Then, we move on to 6 full-length supervised Practice Tests (more for high achievers), and 6 independent full-length Practice Exams given as Home Assignments. We use questions from the official ACT Guide, from the test makers, and other test preparation experts.

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Our online tutors ensure their students have a grasp of the information and skills needed for success on the ACT Science Test. The tutors at Growing Stars can provide clear, relevant explanations for the facts and concepts covered in the ACT Science Test. This program identifies specific points in need of improvement, and works on those so that test scores will rise.

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The ACT Science Test can frighten even well-prepared students, so it is very helpful to have an online tutor ready. Our experienced ACT test prep tutors help students reach their optimal performance on this high-stakes test. At Growing Stars, we have a staff of tutors who are trained to help with such important and challenging exams. Our online ACT Science test prep tutors can raise the confidence and scores of your children.

20 hours of Science

Diagnostic Test Review – 1hour
Concepts and Test Taking Strategies – 3hours
6 supervised Practice Tests and Review – 10hours
Review of 6 Practice Tests given as Home Assignments– 6hours

The ACT Science Test Preparation is a popular computer-based test for college admissions in the United States. The test is normally prepared and administered by ACT, a non-governmental organization. Perhaps you are wondering why you should enroll for the ACT test. The United States universities receive overwhelming request letters from students who wish to join them.

The universities need to evaluate and compare the ability of the applicants to pursue the respective courses they wish to pursue. Obviously, the United State institutions do not have information about international students or a standardized means for measuring the suitability of international students other than standardized tests such as the ACT or SAT. So, you need to enroll for the ACT if you aspire to study in the United States.

Tips on How to Prepare for ACT Science Test

ACT Science test has forty questions that you should complete in thirty-five minutes. The proven strategy for completing the test is read through the passage carefully, refer to scientific information when answering the question read all the choices provided before choosing the best answer, and identify and note the conflicting points or answers in the passage.

Reading through the passage and all the choices provided is important because it helps to recall the concepts. Once you have enrolled for the ACT Science test, you need to begin your preparation for the exam almost immediately. The preparation exercise should involve revising the units covered. A good approach to revise ACT content for the science test is through revisiting the questions at the end of the units covered. You will be able to recall the content covered by revising the questions at the end of the unit.

It is imperative to ensure that you compare the revision questions at the end of the topics with the actual ACT test questions in Science. The premise of this view is that a comparison of the questions helps the learner to identify the common things that are likely to be tested. You should revise the units and end of unit questions continuously.

As you prepare for the ACT science test, you need to revise ACT test questions of the previous years. The ACT Science test is based on the ACT syllabus whose materials and past test questions are largely available online. You should capitalize on the online ACT study resources as you prepare for the Science Test. You may need to note questions that seem challenging as you revise for ACT test questions. Revisit the questions or concepts that you find challenging as you revise the ACT science test. This approach would help you to gain insight into what the examiners expect you to answer.

Perhaps, you are wondering why you should enroll for ACT Test practice. Enrolling for online ACT Test practice will give you a chance to acquaint yourself with knowledge on the ACT Science test. After enrolling for ACT Test practice online, you make use of the resources available online to sharpen your knowledge on the science test. As you take the test frequently, you will learn to complete the forty test questions within 35 minutes. Besides, you will be able to identify commonly tested concepts. You need to focus on the commonly tested concept in as much as you also work on other areas.

A good student should have a revision plan for every subject. The justification for this approach is to enable the learner to master the contents and have knowledge of the subject at the fingertips.

You need to create a revision plan for the ACT science test so that you may balance the time you allocate for other subjects. Remember, how you allocate and utilize your time would affect your score in the respective subjects. You should learn to manage your time and avoid wasting time on issues that are less important. Your revision plan should help you seek alternative help or tuition from experts. There are several online platforms where you may find fellow students. Occasionally, enrol or visit these online forums and share with the students what you feel is challenging.

Discussions are often encouraged because they help learners to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts. It follows that the more you engage in discussions related to the subject, the more you gain knowledge on the subject. Remember, not all the answers provided in the discussion forums are valid. You should at least test the authenticity of the arguments presented in such a forum. As long as you have access to the internet, all you need to do is to use the search engines to find online resources such as the discussion forums.