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College Physics provides a comprehensive introduction to classical mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, and optics, emphasizing problem-solving skills and real-world applications, equipping students with a foundational understanding of physical principles. The course includes laboratory work to enhance hands-on experimentation and critical thinking in the exploration of fundamental concepts in physics.

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What You’ll Learn

Many students who enter the sciences in college have to take one or more college physics courses. It is not uncommon for students to struggle with this academic material, and working with a tutor can help your student achieve their academic goals. Physics is a field of study that works to understand how the universe behaves. Often considered to be the study of matter and motion, as well as space and time, scientists have been studying it for thousands of years. Civilizations such as the ancient Egyptians used science to track the movement of the stars. Physicists work hard to explain the world around us.

  • Newton’s Laws
  • Conservation of Energy
  • Thermodynamics
  • Waves
  • Magnetism

The Greek philosopher Aristotle is considered to have written the first modern book on physics, and his work helped to shape the field. Sir Isaac Newton was a major force with physics, describing theories such as the laws of motion and the theory of gravity, enabling us to help predict the behavior of objects around us. Physics is a pursuit of knowledge. Oftentimes it calls into question previously held beliefs, and scientists in this field are constantly challenging ideas and experimenting.

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Benefits of Working with a College Physics Tutor

There are many benefits of working with the college physics tutor. At any level, professors and teachers will have a set curriculum that they generally have to go through in a short period of time. Especially in larger classes, your student will not generally get the individualized attention that they may want or need.

Instructors in physics courses will need to cover a great deal of material, also often having to prepare your students for laboratory assessments. Working with one of our private tutors can help your student because they are able to spend as much time on a specific subject as they need to. At the start, one of our tutors will work with them to develop a learning plan. This will take into consideration the material being covered in their cores, their learning style, and the material that they already understand. Having this plan in place will help to make study time more efficient and can help your student learn the material more effectively.

There are generally accepted to be 11 branches of physics. These include branches such as optics, astrophysics, biophysics, and geophysics. Classical physics is one of the main branches, which is largely concerned with the laws of motion and gravity. Modern physics deals with topics such as the theory of relativity.

Within these branches, you may find theoretical and experimental physicists. These fields were popularized by the TV show The Big Bang Theory, which featured both an experimental and theoretical physicist as the main characters, so many students are now more interested in the field of physics than ever before.

While it’s always possible to study material on your own, your student may find that doing so can lead to them getting stuck on a certain subject. Even though a professor may have certain open office hours for a teaching assistant who can answer questions, your student won’t get the same benefits as they will from working with a private tutor. Our instructors are able to answer any questions that your student has and go through the material one step at a time until your student can understand it.

One of the fun things about college physics that can increase your students engagement is that there are many practical applications to studying physics. Our tutors can help design activities in learning objectives for your student, where they can learn about certain topics in a hands-on way. Doing this provides your student with more of an understanding of how different concepts, such as lenses, work. If your student already has laboratories as part of their physics course, our tutors can help make sure that they are prepared and understand the material before and after their lab class.

College Physics deals with a lot of math, and our tutors are able to help answer your student’s math questions, in addition to their physics questions. Many students dread physics, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Working with a private tutor can help promote a positive image of the subject, as your student is able to get answers to their questions and grasp the material, often easier than just sitting in a lecture hall.

Our college physics tutors offer a great deal of flexibility. Our online learning platform will allow your student to work with a college physics tutor anywhere they have an Internet connection. If your student learns best in the library atrium, they can certainly go there, or they can learn sitting at the local coffee shop. Our tutoring sessions offer easy scheduling, so when your student is busy with different activities can work, they can still get sessions in. These sessions can be coordinated with your student’s lectures, allowing your student to go over the material while it’s fresh in their mind.