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The AP Spanish course focuses on developing advanced language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, while exploring cultural aspects of Spanish-speaking countries. Students engage in authentic language use and critical analysis to prepare for the AP Spanish Language and Culture exam.

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What You’ll Learn

What differentiates AP Spanish from other Spanish classes taught in high school is that it doesn’t focus on strict grammar rules. Instead, the course is taught almost entirely in Spanish, and it underlines and focuses on meaningful communication in the language. AP Spanish Language and Culture is one of the Advanced Placement courses created by the American College Board. This course is considered a comprehensive Spanish course that reviews all previously acquired knowledge of Spanish from introductory and intermediate Spanish classes.

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Skills are applied to a specific context, such as topics within health, careers, literature, relationships, or the environment. Students in the course will learn to practice their skills in Spanish by reading it, writing it, speaking it, and understanding spoken Spanish. Students will need to develop a high level of proficiency in this linguistics course. Depending on the school where your student is taking the course, there may be some differences in how the high school teachers review and teach the course.

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The AP Spanish Language and Culture Final Exam

At the end of the school year, in May, your student will have the opportunity to sit down and take the AP Spanish final exam. This test is a timed test that contains a multiple choice and free response section. The multiple choice section contains 65 questions, and your student has a little over 90 minutes to complete these questions.

Then, they move on to the free response section, which is very different from other Advanced Placement final exam free response sections. Half of the questions need to be completed in writing, but the other half of the questions need to be completed by speaking the answers out loud. For this portion of the test, your student will have 1 hour and 28 minutes. If your student is looking to master a foreign language, they may end up taking Advanced Placement Spanish, also known as AP Spanish Language and Culture.

This introductory college course is taught to high school students who have generally already completed several years of Spanish language studies. Students who do well on the end of year exam can potentially earn college credit, and they even have the potential to make a good first impression on college admissions teams.

When working with our tutors to prepare for the AP Spanish final exam, your student will have the opportunity to practice for the exam, allowing them to come into the test well-prepared and feeling confident in their abilities. Our tutors can quiz them before the exam and work with them to understand the format of the test, even giving practice exercises that mimic the test.

If your student is looking for help with their AP Spanish course, our tutors are here to help. We have tutors that can work around your student’s busy schedule and work with them in our online educational platform to practice and master the material.

The curriculum tends to be rather fluid compared to some other AP courses, which can also make it hard for students who are learning the material. Indeed, the language itself is rather eclectic, and it can be tested in a variety of ways, so having some standardization may be important in the future to ensure all students are being exposed to the same things.

Regardless of what part of the material your student needs help with, our tutors are here to help them succeed. Contact us today to see how we can make that happen. A tutor can assess what your student already knows and what they need to know for the test and fill in the gaps while having review sessions with your student.

If your student has trouble conjugating verbs and did not master that topic in earlier levels of Spanish classes, their tutor will be able to go over it step by step until they are comfortable with the material. Working with an AP Spanish Language and Culture tutor can be beneficial for your student in a variety of ways. As previously discussed, there is not a lot of standardization in how the material is covered and taught, which can leave gaps in your student’s knowledge.