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What You’ll Learn

Welcome to our Grammar and Writing tutoring program! Our tutoring services are designed to help students excel in this dynamic and interdisciplinary course and succeed on the Grammar and Writing test. Here’s an overview of Grammar and Writing and how our online tutoring can benefit students:

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Writing sentences and paragraphs

Grammar and Writing Overview

If your student is in elementary school, they are just starting out learning rules of grammar and writing skills. If your student is struggling with these English topics or if you want them to receive extra help, contact us today to see how a tutor may benefit your student. Writing is an important aspect in many activities, and students need to develop a strong foundation in writing to be able to communicate thoughts and ideas efficiently. Through tutoring, your student can learn how to organize their thoughts and develop the skills they need to write sentences and paragraphs that may tell a story or provide a description.

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Grammar and Writing Tutoring Benefits

Grammar, writing, and phonics are important areas where students may find hurdles to their learning, especially in regards to becoming proficient readers and writers. Phonics itself is a method for teaching English by developing the student’s awareness of different concepts, such as vowel sounds. Many students, especially in their younger years, have trouble blending words and understanding how to organize them into a sentence. These challenges can make it difficult for them to write well. If your student is having trouble in their language arts class or difficulty reading, you may want to enroll them in a tutoring program such as ours to work with your student on key skills to make grammar and writing easier.

One of our experienced tutors can help determine your student’s problem areas and help them overcome these problems so that they can be successful in their class and later in life. One of our tutors may start with phonics reviews to ensure your student understands how to write and sound out words, working with them on phonemic awareness. They can then move on to other skills such as rules of grammar and punctuation, eventually putting all of the rules together to form sentences and paragraphs.

When your student works with a private tutor, they will have review sessions that are distraction-free. Rather than worrying about chatting with their best friend in the class, they are able to focus solely on the tutor and the material being reviewed. At the same time, our tutors foster a comfortable learning environment so that your student is okay asking questions and helps them to open up with the tutor about their progress and concerns. Our tutor will start off by assessing your student’s skill level. They will also converse with your student and review some material to see how your student learns best. They will then prepare a personalized lesson plan that focuses on your student’s weaknesses in the subjects, so these can be rectified.

The lessons will be designed to teach your student in the manner that they learn best. Visual learners may do more sentence diagramming with flashcards, while an auditory learner may spend time in the review sessions getting lectured to while taking notes as part of their review. Working with a private tutor in a one-on-one learning environment is great for most people. By using the same tutors, your student is able to develop a bond with the instructor. This can help your student feel more comfortable to ask questions, without being embarrassed for not understanding the material. As your student opens up about their learning progress, as well as likes and dislikes, our tutors are better able to modify and develop your student’s lesson plans.

The tutor may develop examples that relate to your student’s hobbies, such as horseback riding. This can make your student more excited and interested in learning the material, rather than having to sit through a boring lecture on the different types of sentences. One of our experienced online writing tutors for elementary students can work with them to determine how often they need to meet to cover review material. We know how busy you and your student can be, between school, activities such as Scouts, and your own job, so our tutors can find a time to meet with your student that doesn’t conflict with these other activities.

Our online learning environment is safe and can be accessed anywhere you have internet access, so your student can learn at home, the library, or just about any other place (that is quiet and free from distractions). Tutoring will help bridge the gaps that your student faces between learning in the classroom and getting home and working on homework. Our virtual grammar tutors can help find the areas where your student is struggling and work with them to overcome these issues. If your student has fallen behind in their studies because they don’t grasp the material, our elementary writing tutors can help them understand the concepts in grammar or writing and apply them to their work.

Once they have reviewed where to place a comma, they can run through practice sentences until your student is comfortable that they understand this concept. Your student can then move on to the next area of trouble for them, working with the tutor to rectify their understanding.