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The PSAT/NMSQT (Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) is a standardized test designed to assess and prepare students for the SAT. It measures critical reading, math, and writing skills, and also serves as the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Program.

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What You’ll Learn

PSAT measures the same sort of skills and knowledge covered in the SAT, providing a good grounding and valuable practice for the more advanced test. In addition to providing an experience similar to the SAT, the PSAT may reveal areas requiring additional preparation.

  • Diagnostic Test Review
  • Concepts and Approaches
  • Supervised Practice Tests and Review
  • Review of Practice Tests

Our PSAT Test Prep Course provides intensive, in-depth coaching. It includes a Scorecard, and gives feedback after every test. Our Math program covers Basic Math, Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, Advanced Math and Additional Topics. The reading and writing program is designed to help the students interpret information and respond to it analytically. We begin with an initial Diagnostic Test, followed by full-length supervised Practice Tests, and independent full-length Practice Exams.

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Prep for PSAT online – PSAT Complete Test Preparation

Our online tutors ensure their students have a grasp of concepts needed to score well on the PSAT. The tutors at Growing Stars can provide explanations and assistance for both Math and language skills parts of PSAT. This program identifies specific weak points and works on those so that problem areas are targeted and test results improved.

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An upcoming PSAT should not be a nightmare, especially when there is a tutor readily available. Our experienced test prep tutors help students attain their best results. At Growing Stars, we have a staff of tutors who are trained to help with the pressure of tests. An online PSAT prep tutor can improve the confidence and scores of your children.


24 hours of Math

Diagnostic Test Review – 1hr
Concepts and Approaches – 15hrs
3 supervised Practice Tests and review – 6hrs
Review of 2 Practice Tests given as Home Assignments- 2hrs
26 hours of Evidence-Based Reading & Writing

Diagnostic Test Review – 1hr
Concepts and Approaches – 17hrs
1 supervised Practice Tests and review – 2hrs
Review of 3 Practice Tests given as Home Assignments- 6hrs

The PSAT is a test that can be taken before the SAT, providing more information on how well the student is able to do when they go to take the full SAT test. This information is useful when the person wants to go in and make sure that they are going to actually pass the test. With this PSAT/NMSQT course material, you can have access to tutors and a curriculum that is based on both portions of the test. This is a great feeling, especially when you want to make sure that you are able to get more information on how well you are going to do on all areas of the test, and not just one or the other – since both math and English portions are provided. Students that sign onto this PSAT/NMSQT course have access to in-depth information and knowledge regarding the test that they are going to take. Not only that, but they have a tutor available to them, so they can learn the information and not just see how it is done.

Prep for All Areas of the SAT with the PSAT Online

This complete guide provides information that is required for both sections of the SAT. This is a great thing to consider. Though separate course work offerings are currently available for those who want to boost their knowledge in something specific. You don’t have to go through this entire course to find out more. This additional prep that is provided can ensure you get the best possible outcome from the use of the extras that are provided from the program. Since it encompasses the many different sections, you can work on those areas that you may have scored low on previously.

This is important to pay attention to when you get the feedback that is given. The PSAT/NMSQT tutors that work with students that come to them are knowledgeable in all of the areas, so when the student requires additional help with one of the sections, the tutor is able to provide them with the information that they seek.

This makes the program one of the best they are able to be there when they are needed, providing the answers to the questions you require. There is a lot to be thought about and used when it comes to choosing the best place to spend some time and use the information that they are teaching you. Once this is done, you can then feel more confident being able to take the test, because you are going to feel more prepared.

The tests provided on the PSATs offer insight into the various areas that the student is working on and what they are doing or what they need to do to improve the scores that they are getting. This can help them ensure that they get a better grade when they go to take the SATs. Even parents are able to obtain the information that they want regarding how their student is doing when they take the test. This provides them with the essential information that they need while ensuring that they are getting the best possible training that is required for the specific areas of the SAT that they may not have felt very confident about doing previously. This course can provide the help needed for that.

Many students who have gone through this coursework have found that this not only helped them understand and pass the SAT and the questions on it, but it also helped them gain the confidence that they needed to go into the room and take the test and feel confident about the outcome. One of the biggest issues that were found for those who go to take the test and do not pass is that they are going into the test unprepared. When this is the case, they need to know what to expect when they sit down and begin taking it. It can provide them with a whole new level of trust and comfort.

With this course, it aims to provide the student with a way to know the material when they go to take the SATs, but it also provides them with this sense of comfort and confidence that they are unable to get anywhere else. This is always important to keep in mind, as you want to make sure that you are choosing the best way to move forward. When you do, you don’t have to worry about not having the information to succeed. While learning from online tutors the students can actually ask questions and get live answers. The SATs do not have to be tough to take or pass.