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SAT Test Prep covers essential strategies and content review to optimize performance on the SAT, focusing on critical reading, math, and writing skills, ensuring students are well-prepared for success in the college admissions process.

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What You’ll Learn

In addition to imparting a sound understanding of concepts, our New SAT Prep helps our students to be aware of key changes in the SAT:

  • No penalty for wrong answers; hence, no risk involved in guessing at answers
  • Only four answer choices
  • No sentence completion
  • Vocabulary questions now based on usage and meaning in context
  • Evidence-based reading and writing
  • Essay optional
  • Change in the duration of the test [ Now 3 hours (plus 50 minutes for the optional Essay) ]
  • Changes in the scoring system ( Scale now ranges from 400 to 1600)

Our Test Prep Course provides intensive, in-depth coaching on all concepts and approaches to SAT questions. It includes a Scorecard Analysis, and gives feedback after every test to assess and identify areas which need to be addressed.

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Choose our 1-on-1 online tutoring to experience personalized learning with expert tutors, convenient scheduling, & proven results.

Full length Tests

Our course gives students the true challenge and environment of the SAT experience. We begin with an initial Diagnostic Test, followed by an in-depth review. This, in turn, is followed by a customized online SAT tutoring plan, based on the strengths and weaknesses of each student. Then, we move on to full-length supervised Practice Tests, and independent full-length Practice Exams given as Home Assignments during the duration of the program.

Online SAT prep – SAT Complete Test Preparation

Our SAT prep tutors are trained to prepare students effectively for the challenging SAT, for both the Math and the language skills parts of the test. Our online SAT tutoring program identifies the specific area in need of improvement, and works on those so that better knowledge and skills lead to higher scores.

Engage an expert SAT tutor

Taking the SAT should not be frightening, especially when there is a tutor readily available. Our highly qualified SAT Prep tutors help students improve their scores. At Growing Stars, our staff of 1-on-1 SAT tutors are trained to help with the pressures of high-stakes tests. Our online SAT Prep tutors can improve both the scores and the confidence of your young scholars.

SAT Comprehensive Coaching – 80hrs

36 hours of Math

  1. Diagnostic Test Review – 1hr
  2. Concepts and Approaches – 15hrs
  3. Review of 10 Practice Tests given as Home Assignments– 10hrs
  4. 5 supervised Practice Tests and review – 10hrs

44 hours of Evidence-Based Reading & Writing

  1. Diagnostic Test Review – 1hr
  2. Concepts and Approaches – 16hrs
  3. Review of 7 Practice Tests given as Home Assignments– 15hrs
  4. 3 supervised Practice Tests and review – 12hrs

When you’re preparing for college, one of the challenges you might face is preparing to take the SAT test. We offer private SAT Complete Test Preparation, which can help you focus on the areas where you need the most improvement with the assistance and tutelage of a qualified tutor. The SAT test is used by many colleges and universities as an effective data point to compare applicants. The SAT test is used to help determine how prepared a potential college student is for this next level in academics.

Thousands of students take the test each year, and our SAT Complete Test Preparation tutors are knowledgeable and able to help you prepare for the college or university that you are aiming for. Our 1-on-1 SAT tutors can help outline what the SAT score requirement is for a given university and help you develop a tutoring plan to master your goal. In addition to actually covering material for the test, our online SAT tutoring will help you develop helpful test-taking strategies, as well as study skills and test-taking anxiety management skills, all of which can help make or break your score.

The Breakdown of the SAT

The SAT has several sections, which your student will need to be prepared for in order to do well on tests. There is a math section, which has problems that may need a calculator to solve them as well as no calculator portions of the test. This section will assess your student’s analytical and problem-solving abilities, as well as their algebraic skills. Mastery of subjects such as calculus is not required to do well on this test.

The other major section of the SAT test is considered the writing and language portion of the test. Your student will need to be able to evaluate a passage to assess its relevance, as well as understand words based on their context. Your student will also have their sentence structure and grammar skills assessed. Your student will need to read passages and answer questions about them, which may also include interpreting charts or graphics. They will be assessed on their reading comprehension, as well as their ability to reason. There is an optional section to the SAT, known as the essay section. While it is considered an optional section, it is required for many colleges and universities. Your student’s SAT prep tutor can help them determine if they will need to complete this section and help them prepare for it.

While different programs offer group SAT test prep sessions, and your student’s school may even offer them, 1-on-1 SAT tutoring is typically the most effective option for students. The main reason for this is the flexibility that it offers. Your student’s tutor can work with them at a time that is most convenient for your student. Rather than needing to attend the SAT complete test preparation offered by the school when your student has an afterschool activity or a job, they can meet with the tutor at a time that works for them and their schedule. Because our online SAT tutoring is offered through a virtual learning platform, your student can learn from the convenience of their kitchen table or at the local coffee shop after they go to school. The other major advantage to working with an SAT prep tutor in private is that our tutors will create a customized learning plan for your student. It is designed to target the areas where they need the most help, reviewing material that your student is familiar with as necessary to make sure that they are as prepared as they can be for the SAT test.

As your student moves through the material, the online SAT tutoring plan can be adjusted. If your student needs more help in a specific area, analogies for instance, they can spend more time on that material with their tutor. Likewise, if they have quickly mastered a topic, such as reading comprehension, your student and their tutor can move on to the next set of material on their plan. With the personalized attention that your student has from working with an SAT prep tutor in a one-on-one learning environment, the review sessions are tailored to how your student learns most effectively. Our tutor will work with your student to learn what they already understand and how they learned best, through both discussions and observing your student in sessions. If your student tends to be an auditory learner, our tutor can teach them new material as well as review areas that they need to improve on through lecture style sessions. If your student needs more visual aids, our tutors can help find tools and material to assist them.