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College Chemistry provides a comprehensive exploration of fundamental principles and theories in chemistry, covering topics such as atomic structure, chemical bonding, thermodynamics, and kinetics. Through lectures and laboratory work, students gain a strong foundation in the principles that govern chemical reactions and the behavior of matter.

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What You’ll Learn

If your student is enrolled in biology, chemistry, or pre-medicine program at their college or university, they will need to take college chemistry courses. It is common to need some assistance with college chemistry, as the material can be difficult to master.

  • Properties of Matter
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Definitions of Energy
  • Energy in Chemical Processes

Chemistry is the study of matter and its different forms. This physical science helps to explain the world around us through fundamental concepts, such as properties of elements and compounds. It explains the way different molecules interact with each other in energy and environment, and it is such an important topic because everything is made of matter and leads to different types of interactions.

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Why Work with a College Chemistry Tutor?

There are several major branches of chemistry and these include analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and biochemistry. Your student’s major and course of study may dictate what chemistry courses they need to take during their college career. For instance, many biology students need to take organic chemistry and may also find themselves in biochemistry.

There are a number of benefits to your student working with the private chemistry tutor, and it can be very advantageous to work with a tutor over simply letting in a classroom setting. While coursework in a classroom is typically rather rigid and follows a syllabus and structure, there are some disadvantages to this system.

Your student will generally not see individualized attention due to the sheer number of students in the classroom, many of whom will learn in different ways. The university or college often has specific guidelines set out by the Chemistry department, so professors develop specific lesson plans and follow through with them.

Unfortunately, this often means that they cannot a great deal of time on any one topic, which will require your student to go more in-depth with the material on their own. Working with one of our tutors can help your student work at their own pace. Our tutors will assess your student’s learning needs, as well as how they learn best, to develop a personalized study plan. This can focus on areas where you student needs to the most help and areas that testing may focus on.

Even with a learning plan in place, our tutors are flexible and can help you learn the material effectively. If you have trouble with a specific topic and need to spend more time on it, our tutors can answer your questions, work through practice problems, and review the material until your student is comfortable with it, before moving on to other topics.

Unfortunately, many people lose out on the benefits of working with a private tutor because they feel that utilizing one is only help for a student is having a difficult time in the course. Even students who are already doing well with the material can benefit from working with a tutor. Because the scope of a course tends to be more narrow than the actual subject material, there is a lot that may not be covered within the classroom. Through private instruction, your student can dive deeper into topics that they enjoy, which can foster their learning and potentially encourage a career in a chemistry-related field.

Chemistry is often considered a difficult subject because it utilizes both scientific concepts and mathematical concepts. With such a complex set of subject matter, many students can get frustrated. Our college chemistry tutors can work with your student to increase their engagement with the material and try to make it more interesting. Some tutors will relate chemistry concepts to your interests, to make a stronger connection with the material.

It will often work with your student to create small learning goals to work towards, which can increase your students understanding of the material as well as bolster their confidence. Combined, these can help encourage your student in chemistry.

It might seem difficult to find the right chemistry tutor for your student, but it’s really not. Contact us to help find a tutor would be a good match for your student’s learning style, as well as theirs schedule. Working with our tutors generally offers flexibility, and we know that your student has many commitments in college, from other courses to extracurricular activities. Your student may find themselves working in a career field related to chemistry. There are many options, especially for those who have found a knack with chemistry topics.

With a little help from one of our tutors, your student may feel so comfortable with chemistry material that they look to working in a career field related to chemistry. Some of the potential careers include chemical engineer, nurse, geoscientist, health educator, physician, forensic scientist, pharmacist etc. If your student is in a college chemistry course, we’re here to help. Our tutors can help your student in a one-on-one setting to develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the course.

It doesn’t matter if your student needs help with the basics of interpreting the periodic table or needs help with electrochemistry: our tutors are here to provide quality guidance and review sessions.