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Algebra 1 introduces fundamental concepts of algebraic reasoning, covering topics such as solving equations, manipulating expressions, and understanding the relationships between variables.

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What You’ll Learn

Our online Algebra 1 tutoring aims to provide an engaging learning experience, covering basic to advanced topics with a focus on practical applications and critical thinking skills.

  • Polynomials
  • Linear equations
  • Radical expressions
  • Systems of equations
  • Quadratic equations

Algebra 1 picks up where Pre-Algebra leaves off and provides further foundations for your student to progress through their mathematics career. Algebra 1 helps set the foundation for other mathematics subjects, such as Trigonometry and Calculus.

As your student progresses through this course, they will learn about a range of different topics, from understanding to read number statements to learning to solve for variables. Learning Algebra 1 will give your student a better understanding of the language that goes along with mathematics. A main part of the course is learning to solve equations with variables that become increasingly complex.

Using the information they learned in Pre-Algebra, your student will process the order of operations and solve the problems. If at any point they have difficulty, their tutor will help them understand the correct way to solve the equation. Because studying mathematics can be so complicated, our study program breaks down everything your student needs to understand to develop a firm knowledge of Algebra 1.

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Studying Algebra 1

Because studying mathematics can be so complicated, our study program breaks down everything your student needs to understand to develop a firm knowledge of Algebra 1. Between the essential concepts that they will study and numerous practice problems, your student will get the foundations of understanding that are essential for them to do well in Algebra 1 before moving on to higher courses of study in mathematics. A strong foundation in Algebra 1 is essential before your student moves on to other mathematics courses, from Algebra 2 to Probability and Statistics, or even more abstract mathematics courses such as Calculus. Without a firm understanding of Algebra 1, your student’s mathematics future will falter rather than strengthen as they move to future coursework. Algebra 1 is generally taught to high school students within the United States and other countries around the world. They will move from a basic understanding of topics such as negative numbers to applying these concepts in numerous examples. With their foundation in place from Algebra 1, they are able to continue on to other topics, including Geometry. Our tutoring program is designed to help your student every step of the way, as they move to a more advanced understanding of math.

Come Learn Algebra 1 With Us

When your student learns Algebra 1 in a classroom full of other students, it’s easy for their teacher to overlook their questions or problems. With our one-on-one tutoring, your student will grasp the concepts of Algebra 1 in a much easier manner. Our tutoring help will give your student the foundation needed to succeed in this difficult subject. From the very start, we help layout all of the information your student needs through our interactive syllabus. Our tutors will work hard to ensure that your student’s questions get answered, rather than leaving them floundering over topics that seem vague to their understanding. Through our one-on-one tutoring system, we will walk your student through concepts that they need to grasp before moving on to the next topic. We then present them with problems to solve. Our tutors are able to walk your student through example problems, teaching them how to solve them with confidence. Once they have learned the given topic, they will move towards solving problems themselves, with our tutors assisting as needed to explain and reinforce Algebra 1 concepts. Our Algebra 1 tutors will help your student learn the mathematics concepts that they are being taught with a helping hand each step of the way. If your student has trouble grasping a concept or solving a problem, our tutors can re-explain the problem solving strategy, covering the solution one step at a time. With our problems, they can check over their work to understand how to solve the problem, giving your student the confidence they need to succeed in Algebra 1. Our tutoring program compliments any course of study. As your student learns Algebra 1 concepts during the day in the classroom, they can reinforce what they’ve learned by working with our tutors that evening. This feature is especially helpful if there was something confusing that they went over in class that needs more explanation to understand it. When your student works on their assignments, our tutors are available to help them apply concepts to get the correct answer.