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The AMC 8 is a middle school mathematics competition aimed at challenging students with creative problem-solving skills. Covering topics like algebra, geometry, probability, and number theory, it encourages mathematical exploration and critical thinking.

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What You’ll Learn

The AMC 8 (American Mathematics Competitions) is sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America to encourage students to excel in mathematics. It is a 25-question, 40-minute, multiple-choice examination designed to promote opportunity for Middle School students to develop positive attitudes towards analytical thinking and Math. The exam can be challenging, due to both content and time constraints.

  • Counting and estimation
  • Probability
  • Elementary geometry
  • Interpreting graphs and tables
  • Simple quadratic functions
  • Coordinate geometry

The AMC 8 is also intended to promote excitement and enthusiasm towards Math and to stimulate interest in continuing the study of Math beyond the minimum required for high school graduation. AMC 8 provides an opportunity for students to foster the development of positive perceptions of themselves as learners of Math.

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The material included in the AMC 8 is covered in the Middle School Math curriculum. The AMC 8 tests mathematical problem solving with Algebra, Arithmetic, Counting, Geometry, Number Theory, Logic, and Probability. The test may also include (among other topics) Estimation, Percentages, Elementary Geometry (including the Pythagorean Theorem), Spatial Visualization, Everyday Applications, and Reading/Interpreting Graphs. The contest is a rewarding experience in which mathematical curiosity and skill are stimulated.

Hire an AMC 8 Prep tutor online

Growing Stars online tutors for AMC 8 help the students to solidify positive attitudes toward school and learning. Our tutors emphasize that challenges are often what drives and motivates us. They help the students to comprehend Math concepts methodically, to apply them to different problems in a variety of contexts.

If your middle school student enjoys math concepts, they should consider competitive math. These tests and competitions, such as the AMC 8, are a great way to expand their skills and encourage their confidence. The AMC 8, or the American Mathematics Contest 8, is a 25 question multiple-choice examination that students can take up to 40 minutes solving. The main goal is to promote the development of each students’ problem-solving abilities and skills.

The AMC 8 is designed for students in middle school, where they apply the skills they have learned in the classroom to solve challenges in what is considered a low-stress environment. It promotes a positive attitude toward mathematics and analytical thinking, which many students carry on into future career pathways. On the day of the test, students must be in grade 8 or below and be no older than 14.5 years of age.

Preparing for the AMC 8

While there are numerous ways for your student to prepare for the AMC 8, we are obviously partial to them working with a tutor. Our tutors offer one-on-one sessions, where your student can get an individualized learning plan to help them study and make the most use out of their study time. During the tutoring sessions, your student can review example questions and practice tests from real AMC 8 tests, allowing them to get a good feel for the testing environment. Our tutors can review each question with your student, making sure that they understand how to answer the questions and what the exact answer is for each assessment. The AMC 8 is a competition specifically designed for middle school students.

If your student loves math, they should consider joining their school’s competitive math team. If your student’s school does not offer the AMC 8 during the year, you can contact them to see about enrolling in the competition. The benefits of math competitions are numerous and include increasing math skills, as well as working with students to develop their problem-solving abilities. They can learn to work with a team and appreciate each other’s different skills while preparing for the competition. If your student’s abilities in math are fostered, who knows where it might lead. Future career pathways include a rocket scientist or calculus teacher. While students may enjoy the competitive nature of math competitions, some students may need extra help to succeed, and this is an area where tutoring can be very beneficial. Our tutors can help your student develop their skills in math while also teaching them how to solve for answers on tests such as the AMC 8.

Sign your student up for an AMC 8 mathematics tutor to help them do well on the test. Many of the topics reviewed can also benefit your student in their day to day classroom education, as well. Our tutors offer a multitude of ways to help your student, from working with them to answer practice questions to giving them ways to minimize anxiety on the day of the big competition. When preparing for competitions, our tutors can help your student develop an individualized plan of action to study with. They will work with your student in one-on-one sessions, which will help them review material for the math competition.

Our tutors can help your student progress at their own pace. Rather than needing to cover ground as quickly or slowly as other members of the classroom or group, individual tutoring sessions ensure that your student covers the material at a rate that is comfortable yet challenging for them. Our tutors will answer each of your student’s questions and can work with them on practice problems, reviewing underlying concepts and how to solve the problem. Working with our tutors can also teach your student better time management and answering questions with accuracy.

When your student works with one of our tutors, they will be encouraged to ask questions, while the tutor helps determine areas of weakness in their studies to review those areas and make their knowledge base stronger. Part of reviewing the material needed when your student is preparing for the AMC 8 is reviewing material that they are covering in their coursework. Mastering skills associated with their current coursework will help ensure that your student can be successful in their AMC 8 examination.

The material covered on the AMC 8 includes basic topics covered during a middle school curriculum. The questions tend to get more difficult as the test proceeds, and basic algebraic skills are needed for the later questions, including topics on coordinate geometry and quadratic equations. A calculator is not needed for the test, and their use has not been allowed in recent years. One of the things that make the AMC tests a bit unique compared to standardized tests that your student may take is that guesses are penalized. An unanswered question is actually worth more than an incorrect question. That said, correct questions are obviously worth the most, and your student should get a majority of the questions correct in order to score well on the test.