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Integrated Math 2 covers advanced topics in algebra, geometry, statistics, and functions, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of mathematical concepts and their real-world applications. Students delve into functions, quadratic equations, geometric transformations, and statistical analysis to develop a comprehensive understanding of mathematical relationships and applications.

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What You’ll Learn

Welcome to our Integrated Math 2 tutoring program! Our tutoring services are designed to help students excel in this dynamic and interdisciplinary course and succeed in the problem-solving skills and the integration of multiple mathematical disciplines. Here’s an overview of Integrated Math 2 and how our online tutoring can benefit students:

  • Irrational numbers
  • Quadratic polynomials
  • Exponential equations
  • Right triangle trigonometry
  • Parabolas

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Integrated Math 2 Course Overview

Integrated math courses combine traditionally separate math courses of study into one multilevel program. Tutoring in our one-on-one learning environment allows your student to work in a personalized atmosphere, which helps them succeed in their studies.

In school districts that use the integrated mathematics curriculum, Integrated Math 2 is generally taught to 10th graders as the second part in the math series. It combines courses including algebra, trigonometry, and geometry into one course that is divided into several parts, rather than relying on teaching each course separately each year. There are benefits and disadvantages associated with this type of coursework.

The difficulty in the course increases with each grade year, but the material builds upon the previous year’s material. If your student forgets some key concepts, they are not likely going to be able to follow their teacher’s instruction without additional help. This is where tutoring can be a great benefit. If your student is struggling with mathematics, such as Integrated Math 2, there is no reason for them to struggle on their own. Our tutoring sessions can provide a valuable lifeline for your student’s studies.

Why Study Integrated Math 2?

Integrated math offers a unique way to learn mathematics, where traditionally separate courses like algebra, geometry and trigonometry are taught together. This means that your student is able to learn similar concepts at the same time, rather than having it broken down and spread over several years of mathematics education. It can prove of vital way for students to succeed in higher level math courses, such as calculus.

Studying integrated math in our one-on-one learning environment will help your student to move at their own pace, and our tutors are trained to help determine your student’s ideal learning style and apply that to review sessions. For a student that learns best through an auditory learning style, the tutor can help them by lecturing about the material and allowing them to take notes, before moving on to practice problems. Our learning sessions will also move at the pace dictated by your student’s learning needs. They will not be limited to the pace of the material in the classroom, and instead can go as slowly or even as quickly as they need to in order to enhance your student’s learning.

Rather than look at the whiteboard in confusion, our tutors can work with them to understand each step of the way, working at their own pace rather than being rushed as is so often the case in classrooms. Our tutors will review the material with your student and discuss the areas where they need help with. For example, if quadratic equations are something your student could work on in their sleep, but they struggle with understanding and applying theorems about the geometry of a circle, their tutoring sessions can focus on circles.

Another advantage to working with a private one-on-one tutor through our program is that all of your student’s questions can get answered fully and completely, and in a timely manner, so they never have to feel overwhelmed with the material. When your student is in Integrated Math 2, they may also be using a graphing calculator for the very first time. This is commonly used in trigonometry, but it will also be used in higher math courses such as Calculus. Using this machine can be very complicated when your student is first starting out, and it is very easy to get overwhelmed.

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