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What You’ll Learn

Many people hate to read, and this can be impacted by the way in which they learned to read. Working with a reading comprehension tutor can help your student by providing them with the tools and resources that they need in order to read more effectively and fluently. Reading skills are important for communication.

  • Phonics
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  • Vocabulary
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Reading Comprehension Overview

Our online reading comprehension tutoring enhances critical analysis and interpretative skills, guiding students through diverse texts to develop effective strategies for comprehension and retention. Through targeted exercises and discussions, participants refine their ability to extract meaning, identify main ideas, and draw inferences from various genres and contexts.

The saying goes, “Reading is fundamental,” and this is quite true. It is the basis for the educational system. Unfortunately, across the United States, reading scores have increased very minimally in students who have been tested according to scores with the National Assessment of Educational Progress in the last couple of decades. Slowly, schools are putting a focus on reading improvement, but oftentimes, class sizes are too large for students to get individualized attention. That is where a reading comprehension tutor can come into play.

Utilizing a reading tutor for your student can improve not just their reading comprehension but their knowledge of different subjects and their test-taking abilities.

Studying Reading Comprehension

Our reading comprehension tutors can help your student focus on where your student’s reading level should be at, regardless of whether they are just starting out learning how to read or if they are trying to improve their reading and reading comprehension skills after reading for several years. A reading tutor will help your student master the skills they need to succeed in their classroom, and your student will have the benefit of working with someone one-on-one to improve their skills, rather than relying on an overworked teacher who has trouble finding individual time to review with each student.

Working with a reading tutor will help your student with more than just reading: developing skills in reading comprehension can help your student progress with their other courses. When it comes to reading standards, a great tutor can have plenty of positive impact in your student’s academic career. Students that struggle with reading are often miserable in classes and have trouble with the coursework. After a tutor works with your student, they may experience a change in their outlook, enjoying school more and embracing the opportunities to learn.

Your student needs to practice to read better. When your student works with a reading tutor, they have more time to practice, with someone to coach them both in the actual effort in reading and in your student’s comprehension of the passage. If your student comes across issues while reading, our reading comprehension tutors are able to help them understand the material. Your student may find that their reading speed increases, as they read and learn new words.

Some of the reading standards your student may be evaluated on applying grade-level appropriate word analysis, understanding phonics, reading at an appropriate grade level with comprehension, reading poetry with appropriate pacing and expression. Get your student a reading comprehension tutor to help them master reading.

When students are taught how to read it is so they can understand the words that are presented on a page or on a screen, depending upon the medium being read. This fundamental skill is essential for success in any subject, which is why children start learning how to read as early as preschool. In order to read and communicate effectively, your student needs to understand not just single words but sentences and paragraphs, in order to understand language and passages.

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