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Anatomy and Physiology explores the structure and function of the human body, delving into the intricacies of organs, tissues, and systems. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of how the body works, examining the interconnectedness of physiological processes and their relevance to health and well-being.

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What You’ll Learn

Anatomy and Physiology, often abbreviated as A & P, tends to be taught as a single course, although some Biology programs split it up into different subsets, such as animal physiology. We can partner you with a tutor to help you with separate parts of the course or the entire course, depending on what your need is. Many students enroll in anatomy and physiology courses because they are preparing to go into medical programs or have an interest in medicine or biology.

  • Blood Vessels
  • Homeostasis
  • Organs
  • Types of Bone
  • Action Potential
  • Blood flow in the body

For students that are not planning to enter into a medical career, taking an anatomy and physiology course can provide your student with a solid background in understanding how the body works at a fundamental level. Anatomy and physiology labs can also provide your student with hands-on experience in a variety of lab techniques. They may learn experiment planning and data interpretation, as well as more specialized techniques such as using a microscope.

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Working with an Anatomy and Physiology Tutor

Your student’s anatomy and physiology tutor can make learning more accessible for your student. They can break down chapters in a textbook and lectures into easier to understand lessons. They can divide up learning material into smaller lessons, so your student can better retain related information. Your student’s tutor may also utilize study tools that are linked to the textbook and are often forgotten by students.

Using these tools may leverage your student’s mastery of the material. There are numerous things that need to be memorized in an A & P course, including the names of blood vessels and bones. Unfortunately, there is no real substitution for memorization. When your student works with a tutor, they can help your student develop different memory aids, such as flashcards.

These tools can be very helpful in memorizing material and help your student build a solid foundation in the material. Anatomy and physiology courses are challenging by their very nature. In addition to having copious amounts of material that needs to be memorized, there is a great deal of material overall that has to be covered during the duration of the course. Working with an anatomy and physiology tutor can help make the task of learning this material a little easier.

Your student can set academic goals with their tutor, and they can develop an academic learning plan. Our tutors can also help your student with a variety of test-taking strategies. In preparing for a test, they can help your student develop an effective study plan. In addition, they can review any information known about the test, such as the breakdown of the material and how many questions will be on it, as well as the types of questions (from free response to multiple choice). Having this information can help your student feel more comfortable with the material and be less stressed about the test.

Other test-taking and coursework strategies may be encouraged or implemented by our tutors. They can work with your student on time management strategies. Our tutors can also work with your student to master skills such as reading the question and highlighting key terms, including “except,” which can help them answer the questions correctly. In addition to these strategies which can also generally be implemented for other courses, our tutors can help your student with researching and writing research papers or projects.

They can partner with your student to develop effective outlines for writing projects and essay answers. These opportunities will help optimize your student’s academic skills. Your student can work with our tutors anywhere that they have a stable internet connection and a device such as a laptop or tablet.

Your student can virtually take their learning on the go and get help with review sessions just about anywhere, from the dorm room to the local coffee shop. Our online learning platform allows your student to work with one of our tutors easily. We have tutors available from all over the world, and your student can generally find a tutor that will work within their schedule constraints, providing the flexibility they need to fit in review sessions around their other studies and commitments.

As you can see, many students who take anatomy and physiology do so because they are looking to enroll in a graduate program or medical program. It can provide students with a background that is useful for medical career fields, and it can also provide students with a foundation to understand how body processes work in humans and other animals.