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Build a solid foundation in mathematics with our Integrated Math 1 course which helps students to explore real-world applications and problem-solving techniques to build a comprehensive skill set for future math courses

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What You’ll Learn

Welcome to our Integrated Math 1 tutoring program! Integrated Math 1 provides a foundational understanding of algebra, geometry, and statistics, emphasizing the interconnectedness of mathematical concepts. Here’s an overview of Integrated Math 1 and how our online tutoring can benefit students:

  • Understanding of algebra, geometry, and statistics
  • Knowledge of topics such as inequalities
  • Assists you in getting ready for higher-level math courses such as Calculus

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Integrated Math 1 Course Overview

If you’re in the market for an Integrated Math 1 tutor for your student, you should look no further than our fantastic one-on-one tutors, who can assist your student through the learning process. Contact us today and schedule a tutoring session for your student.

Integrated Math 1 is the first in a series of mathematics courses that combines what have traditionally been separate mathematics courses. Students learn the material from Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability throughout the coursework. It is the method that some school systems have determined that students learn best through.

Integrated Math 1 Tutoring

Integrated Math 1 can be challenging for many students because of how it combines multiple mathematics disciplines into one course. This is especially true if your student did not have a firm grounding in math prior to entering Integrated Math 1. Our tutors can help your student review previous material as well as new material to help them learn. Because of the memorization needed for a variety of equations, formulas, and postulates, your student’s tutor can help them figure out the best way to remember the material that has to be memorized.

Why Does Your Student Need an Integrated Math 1 Tutor?

When your student sits down to learn concepts in Integrated Math 1, there is going to be a large amount of review material and even more concepts that are new. While the goal of Integrated Math is to keep related concepts together rather than in separate courses, it can still be a struggle when your student goes to learn the material. Your student will likely spend a great deal of time working on review material to master the early concepts and understand how to apply it to new material.

Our one-on-one tutors can provide a variety of review help, preparing your student for all of the information they are going to cover, even if it is review material from math prior to Integrated Math 1. If your student struggles with understanding triangles, their private tutor will explain information from their coursework, covering how to solve equations relating to triangles and pertinent theories. After ensuring your student has mastered a given concept, the tutor will move on to more advanced sections of the material. Rather than falling behind in their coursework, hiring a private tutor for Integrated Math 1 can help your student learn what they need to memorize and how to apply it to new concepts.

Tutoring in Integrated Math 1

Receiving tutoring in Integrated Math 1 can be beneficial to every student. By offering one-on-one tutoring, we help prepared students not just for their course material but also for tests. These can include the SAT and ACT standardized tests that rely on basic foundations in topics like algebra, which are covered in Integrated Math 1. No matter how advanced your student is, a private tutor can help them master the material at a pace that suits their learning style. Your student is better able to learn and understand the material because they have more examples and one-on-one assistance to get their questions answered completely.

Integrated Math 1 tutoring in a one-on-one environment allows your student to move through the coursework at a pace that suits their learning style. Rather than being limited to the pace that the course material is being taught in, your student is able to move as quickly or as slowly through the material as they need to in order to master it. As your student’s Integrated Math 1 tutor finds areas where your student needs additional assistance, they can review the material, providing both one-on-one teaching guidance and practice problems to solve. If your student needs help with understanding how to develop geometric proofs but excels in linear algebra, our tutor can focus their learning on geometric topics to ensure that they get a thorough grasp on the material.

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