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SAT Reading & Writing course covers essential skills for success in the SAT exam, focusing on critical reading comprehension and effective writing strategies to enhance students’ performance and confidence. The curriculum emphasizes mastering key concepts, analyzing diverse texts, and honing grammar and language usage skills to excel in the SAT Reading and Writing sections.

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What You’ll Learn

Our Test Prep Course provides intensive, in-depth coaching on all concepts and approaches to SAT questions. It includes a Scorecard and gives feedback after every test to assess and identify areas which need to be addressed.

  • Reading Passages
  • Interpreting Text
  • Literary Terms
  • Standard English Grammar
  • Writing an Essay
  • Sentence Clarity and Structure

Our course gives students the true challenge and environment of the SAT experience. We begin with an initial Diagnostic Test. Then, we move on to 6 full-length supervised Practice Tests (more for high achievers), and 6 independent full-length Practice Exams given as Home Assignments during the duration of the program. We use questions from the official SAT Guide from the College Board, the test maker, as well as complementary questions from other testing experts

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Prep for SAT Evidence-based Reading and Writing online

Our online tutors ensure their students have a grasp of concepts needed to score well on the SAT. The tutors at Growing Stars can provide explanations and assistance for the Evidence-based Reading and Writing section of the SAT. This program identifies specific weak points and works on those so that problem areas are targeted and test results improved.

Hire an expert SAT tutor

The SAT Evidence-based Reading and Writing Tests should not frighten the well-prepared student, especially when there is a tutor readily available. Our experienced test prep tutors help students reach their personal bests on these challenging exams. At Growing Stars, we have a staff of tutors who are trained to help with high-stakes tests. An online test prep tutor can raise both the confidence and scores of your children.

44 hours of Evidence-based Reading & Writing

Diagnostic Test Review – 1hr
Concepts and Approaches – 16hrs
Review of 7 Practice Tests given as Home Assignments– 15hrs
3 supervised Practice Tests and review – 12hrs

If your student is preparing for the SAT, there are many things they need to be ready for. The test helps identify how ready a student is to enter college, and it is an important part of the college admissions process. In 2016, the SAT was greatly revised. Where is students used to have to know a great deal of vocabulary and be able to apply it. When the test changed, it became divided into two major sections, the mathematics section and the evidence-based reading and writing section.

There is also an optional essay section, which many programs require students to take for entrance. As of 2020, the SAT reading and writing section, also known as the writing and language section, is made up of 44 questions. There are four passages that students have to read, each with multiple questions that relate to topics such as word use and mechanics. In addition to reading, your student needs to be comfortable interpreting charts and graphs, as some questions may require that they answer questions based off of a chart or even compare information in the passage to information presented in the chart.

Tips for Doing Well on the SAT Reading and Writing Test

There are a few tips for your student to do well on the SAT Reading and Writing Test Preparation. Working with one of our tutors can help them enhance their test taking skills, but they should always start with the passage that they are most familiar with, as that will take less time to read and process.

While answering the easiest questions first is also a great strategy, your student can make a guess on any questions that they don’t have a ready answer for. Another interesting strategy is to change the way your student takes the test. While good posture is important, it takes a back burner on test day. If you are student find themselves getting into a slump with proper posture, they should consider actually slumping or slouching over. That can change the way their brain processes the questions and answers and help them refocus their attention.

If you’re reading this, you might wonder how it tutor could help your student, particularly if there already an excellent student. No matter what their background is our tutors are able to help students score higher and feel more comfortable with their SAT Reading and Writing Test Preparation .

Our tutors offer flexible scheduling. Your student can learn while they are at school, at home, or even in places like the local coffee shop. Our online learning platform allows them to meet with their tutor in a safe and effective environment.

Our tutors adapt to your students needs, ensuring that each session is geared to the individual student. If you are student has already mastered the basics of grammar, but they need more work on reading charts, our tutors can work with them on practice problems to help prepare them for the test. Time is not wasted going over material repeatedly that your student has already mastered. To get to that point, our tutors will quiz your students and go over what they have already learned.

A great advantage of the one-on-one tutoring that is offered by our system is that your student will move at their own pace. Rather than the difficulty is that many students face in the classroom, where they either go too quickly or too slowly over the material, our tutors will work with them to make sure that the pace is appropriate, offering enough of a challenge while still allowing them to understand the material.

As our tutors present your student with problems, they will teach your student how to effectively and efficiently answer the questions in front of them. They can work on test taking strategies, including speed reading and note taking, so your student is prepared for the time constraints on the test. If your student answers a problem incorrectly, our tutor is able to rectify the mistake and teach them why it was wrong, so they won’t have the same trouble again.