The Online Tutoring Revolution

October 29, 2023

Tutors have been an important component of the educational process for decades, but they have become much more sophisticated in recent years. No longer are tutors awkward teenagers who regurgitate the course material in exchange for hefty fees and questionable results. Twenty-first-century tutors are educated professionals with advanced degrees and exceptional teaching skills.

Young female student taking notes in online tutoring

For a variety of reasons, this paradigm shift has led to a drastic increase in the number of parents using online tutors. After just a few sessions, most of these parents agree that online tutoring yields better results than traditional tutoring strategies do.

In addition to scheduling flexibility, online tutoring programs actually give you more control over your child’s education. Instead of freelance tutors who rarely produce comprehensive educational outlines or offer tangible evidence of a child’s progress, most online tutors provide comprehensive curricula at the outset. They also meet regularly with parents through online parental interfaces.

Online tutoring programs employ a uniquely focused method of instruction. Unlike the classroom environment, which is full of distractions and overburdened educators, online programs occur in the privacy of your home and are limited to your student and the tutor. You are encouraged to establish a quiet, neat work area in which your child can complete the sessions. It is important that students benefit from every second of each session, so you should monitor your child to ensure he or she wears headphones for the full hour.

Globalization has also contributed to the emergence of online tutoring. This interconnectivity has greatly increased the number of tutors available to students; whereas students of previous decades could only access tutors in their geographic area, modern students benefit from a worldwide network of amazing educators. This greatly improves the chances of finding a tutor uniquely well suited for your child. Additionally, the growing labor force of tutors helps to depress prices, allowing you to better afford supplemental education.

If you are ready to help your child improve his or her grades and perform more confidently in the scholastic arena, contact Growing Stars today.

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