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Learning how you learn is one of the most essential skills that a student can master. The issue with that is all students simply don’t learn the same way. So, when we talk about the 5 most effective learning strategies, they may not all work for a particular student, but at least one of these […]

Are you looking into getting a tutor for your son or daughter? If so, you might be weighing the pros and cons of going with an online tutor versus a more traditional on-ground tutoring based educator. Ten years ago, this wasn’t even a question as there was no way that an online tutor could compete […]

As a pioneer in live online tutoring, we at Growing Stars see educational discipline as a stepping stone to successful learning. Discipline is important, but if approached as a form of punishment, it can be troublesome for both parent and child. Some of the most effective ways to instill educational discipline in your child include […]

“Mom, I’m getting a C in math.” As a parent, your heart fills with dread when you hear those words. Perhaps mathematics wasn’t your best subject in school, so you decide to hire a tutor to help your child succeed. Whether you find a local tutor or choose online tutoring, it is important to stay […]