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Confused by Common Core Math? An Online Tutor Can Help

Have you had your child ask you for help with math homework recently, only to find that the problems required a drawing and a paragraph of explanation instead of just a simple computation? Math these days is taught a lot … Continue reading

How to Help Your Child Stay Motivated for Online Tutoring Sessions

You want your child to do well in school, but if they’re struggling in math or any other subject, it’s hard for them to stay motivated to keep trying. Arranging for them to work with an online tutor can help … Continue reading

3 Tips to Get the Most out of Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is increasingly popular, and as online tutors hone their skills, it’s becoming an excellent way for students to get extra help with their education. Like anything, however, you only get out what you put in. For best results, … Continue reading

Enhance Your Child’s Creativity With Online Tutoring

Developing a child’s creative abilities can make schoolwork more interesting and fun. Every child is blessed with certain unique talents. However, the motivation a child receives from the family and peer groups has a definite influence on how well this … Continue reading

Growing Stars Announces Online Summer Tutoring Program

Each year, Growing Stars works with thousands of children to avoid academic losses over the summer months. This year, Growing Stars Online Tutoring is delighted to announce the schedule for their 2016-2017 Summer Enrichment Programs. Your children can lose months … Continue reading

Growing Stars Opens Enrollment for Online Tutoring Summer Programs

Summer vacation is fast approaching, and parents once again face the challenge of keeping their kids academically engaged and well prepared for the next school year. By enrolling in Growing Stars’ summer programs, students work with an online tutor and … Continue reading

Online Tutoring from Growing Stars Helps Academic Achievement

Growing Stars Online Tutoring helps build and maintain improved academic scores, all year round. During school breaks, an average of an entire month of learning is lost. By the end of grade six, a child with cumulative learning losses can … Continue reading

Growing Stars’ Online Tutor Help Kids Excel

Enrollment is open for Growing Stars’ online tutoring programs, which offer school children of all ages the chance to follow a self-directed curriculum at home with the help of an expert online tutor. Programs covering a wide range of academic … Continue reading

Online tutoring can motivate school children

All parents want their children to be happy and fulfilled in their academic lives. To reach this goal, parents struggle hard and invest every possible effort to make education accessible to their offspring. Although all parents try hard to make … Continue reading

Powerful benefits of online tutoring

Over the past decade, the number of online colleges and universities has expanded dramatically, with consequent benefits to the growth of the online tutoring industry. The efficacy and overall benefits of an online education could have scarcely been imagined by … Continue reading

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