An Effective Approach to Discipline

October 4, 2023

As a pioneer in affordable learning, we at Growing Stars see educational discipline as a stepping stone to successful learning. Discipline is important, but if approached as a form of punishment, it can be troublesome for both parent and child. Some of the most effective ways to instill educational discipline in your child include seeing yourself as a teacher, creating a safe learning environment for your child, and giving positive feedback.

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Discipline vs. Punishment

According to Brigham Young University, one of the most effective ways to create discipline is to model and teach positive behaviors. For example, if your son or daughter is consistently late to school, you might describe the quality of being punctual and explain its importance. As a next step, you would model this behavior each time you go to work or get ready for an appointment. The goal is to let your child see and practice this skill, and to offer feedback and praise each time he or she behaves well.

Provide a Distraction-Free Learning Environment

At Growing Stars, we appreciate the value of a safe and distraction-free environment, and see it as essential to successful learning. In our FAQs, you’ll see the question: “What is expected from parents?” We expect parents to know their children’s schedule, for students to log in 5 to 10 minutes in advance, and for parents to provide a quiet learning environment. This type of discipline enables children to prioritize and take their learning process seriously.

Similarly, when instilling discipline related to study skills at home, you might structure the time and space to highlight the importance of quiet study time. There may be rules about turning off the TV, radio and cell phone, studying in a specific room in the house and/or taking a 10-minute timed study break every hour.

The Power of Positive Words

Although constructive criticism may be useful and necessary at times, positive words tend to have a more empowering effect. While excessive criticism can cause feelings of embarrassment, sadness or insecurity, encouragement and praise often have the reverse effect. When learners receive positive feedback, they often feel more confident and inspired to succeed. Remembering how proud you were the last time you received positive feedback from his or her tutor, your son or daughter might approach the next online tutoring session with greater enthusiasm.

Instilling discipline doesn’t have to feel like punishment. If approached as an opportunity to teach and learn, it can be a rewarding component of studying and life in general. At Growing Stars, we enjoy working with learners in a disciplined and structured yet flexible online environment that delivers affordable learning.

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