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Namaskaar. That’s hello in Hindi. No matter what the reason for learning Hindi is, our experienced tutors can help you learn and master the language. Hindi derives from the Hindustani language. Other languages also arise from this base language, including Caribbean Hindustani, which is the native language of some countries such as Trinidad and Tobago. Another language from Hindustani is standard Urdu, and when Hindi is spoken, it is generally mutually intelligible with standard Urdu.

Hindi is one of the official languages of India, along with English. It is important to note that there is no language that has been given the distinction of being the national language of India. The script that Hindi is traditionally written in is known as Devanagari. It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, so if your student (or you) is learning Hindi, they will be in good company. More than 260 million people across India and the Indian subcontinent speak this language.

Benefits of Using an Online Tutor
There are numerous benefits to using an online tutor to learn Hindi. The main one is the fact that your student will be learning Hindi in a one-on-one environment with a native speaker.
This one-on-one environment produces a learning setting that is free from miscellaneous distractions and allows your student to focus on the work at hand. Compare our online platform with learning in a classroom: the classroom has multiple people asking questions, likely people talking, and maybe your student’s friend trying to get their attention. Speaking of asking questions, your student can feel free and comfortable to ask any questions they have. Because they are not in a classroom full of their peers, they do not need to feel self conscious about the questions they are asking.

In fact, our tutors encourage questions as a great way to get a handle on what your student knows and does not know, which can help them devise a personalized learning plan for your student. We know learning a new language is a challenging business, but with our tutors at your back, your student has the advantage of learning from someone fluent in Hindi and able to communicate their skills to your student well.

Our tutors provide a different perspective that can help your student learn. They are not coming in to teach your student like a parent or even their teacher. We consider our tutoring program a great adjunct to learning in the classroom. Our online tutors are able to work through real life situations with your student, teaching them how to employ Hindi in a real conversation. In addition to their language skills, our tutors are well trained in techniques for online learning and language tutoring.