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Integrated Math 2 Tutoring

Integrated Math 2 Tutoring

The objective of the Common Core State Standards is consistent high academic achievements in Math. The standards specify knowledge and skills students should attain through K – 12 education, and ensure that High school graduates are equipped for challenges of modern life. Topics include Number and Quantity, Algebra, Functions, Modeling, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.

Each school decides how the curriculum is implemented, choosing either the traditional path (a year each of Algebra 1, Geometry or Algebra 2) or the integrated path.

Our Math II course focuses on quadratic expressions, equations and functions; it compares their characteristics and behavior to those of linear and exponential relationships from Math I. This course includes standards from the categories of Number and Quantity, Algebra, Functions, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.

Integrated Math II
Unit 1 – Extending the Number System
Unit 2 – Quadratic Functions and Modeling
Unit 3 – Expressions and Equations
Unit 4 – Applications of Probability
Unit 5 – Similarity, Right Triangle, Trigonometry and Proof
Unit 6 – Circles with and without Coordinates

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Our online Integrated Math tutors ensure that students have a firm grasp of fundamental Math concepts. The online tutors at Growing Stars provide explanations that demonstrate precision and relevance. Though many students may find Math difficult, they often do so for different reasons. A trained online Integrated Math tutor can identify a student’s specific weak points and work on those so that their problem areas are targeted and improved.

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Students can be frightened by math homework, quizzes, and tests. However, when there is a personal Integrated Math tutor ready and available such fears can be diminished or done away with completely.  The experienced Growing Stars tutors help students to attain their highest potentials. All of our Integrated Math tutors are trained to teach students the fundamental concepts. This assistance for your children with various Math topics can help them grow, make them happier and more confident, and ensure that they succeed in the classroom.

One-on-one personalized homework help is available at times and places convenient for the student. Expert online tutors from Growing Stars are dedicated to improving students’ Math skills so that they receive better test scores and classroom grades. Our Integrated Math tutors assist their students in completing homework and getting ready for quizzes and chapter tests, in a friendly and reassuring atmosphere.


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