AP English & Composition

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AP English & Composition

The AP English and Composition course is a detailed Advanced Placement course offered by the American College Board. Originally a course that was combined with AP Literature, the two courses were eventually separated into separate classes. The AP English and Composition final exam is a difficult test for many students. Rather than fret over the test and unknowns, our tutors are here to provide your student with the confidence they need to do well on this test.

That starts by understanding the breakdown of the test and how to answer the questions. The first part of the test is a multiple-choice section. It is a timed test, with approximately 55 questions. These questions center around several passages that must be read and interpreted, with even their citations examined in the context of the work. The second part is worth more and takes longer, the free response portion of the test. This section requires long form answers based upon passages that your student has to read and synthesize.

The Benefits of Tutoring for AP English and Composition

Your student’s AP English and Composition tutor can provide them with a great deal of guidance. They can help your student learn to read a text closely and employ active reading techniques, such as taking notes where appropriate. They will work your student on understanding the structure of the prose.

Your student’s tutor will work with them on understanding concepts from passages, such as the author’s purpose, style, and the audience the author is addressing with this work. Your student’s tutor can work with your student on developing effective essay writing techniques, especially under the time crunch of the exam. They will relate and evaluate your student’s work on the basis of the writing prompts and the grading rubric used on the exam.

Our tutors are very experienced at helping students to learn to write better, both more efficiently and more effectively. Through working with one of our tutors, your student will be able to develop their personal voice to use throughout their writing. To be successful on the final exam, your student needs to be able to read multiple passages and synthesize the information, pulling from it supporting evidence for their thesis statement.

This may sound difficult, but with the help of a private tutor, it can be done and done well. It can be hard to find a tutor that has the experience you need for your student. Working with us, we will help partner your student with a qualified tutor in their field of education that matches up with several things your student needs, from their schedule of availability to their academic needs.

We then partner you with a tutor who will learn your student’s learning style and academic needs to develop a personalized study plan for them. Having this will make review sessions more effective because your student is covering exactly what they need to know and working with a tutor to understand concepts they are having trouble with. Topics that they already understand and have mastered can be minimally reviewed or skipped entirely in favor of newer or challenging material.

We know your student is busy with everything from a job to afterschool activities, so we offer tutoring sessions at just about any time, including evenings and weekends. As things change, such as needing a bit more time for certain material, your student’s tutor can change the lesson plan up a bit to be flexible. It is easy for your student to become overwhelmed with the amount of material that needs to be covered in AP English and Composition. It is even easy for parents of the student to watch their child struggle with the material and be unsure of how to help.

That is where a tutor comes in: our private, one-on-one tutors will work with your student to provide a well-reasoned lesson plan to help them succeed. Together they will set goals, from scoring a certain score on the final exam to learning to write a thesis statement more efficiently, and together they will do the work in an attempt to succeed at those goals. Our tutors will help your student develop the confidence they need to succeed and do well.