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Personal Math Tutors – No More the Preserve of the Few

In times past, education was only accessible to the most privileged parts of society. With time, education has become a day-to-day reality for people from every walk of life. However, until the advent of the internet, learning that went above and beyond – such as quality one-on-one math tutoring – had still been the preserve of the privileged few. Fortunately, with the increasing popularity of the internet, students of all ages and backgrounds have access to specified instruction online. Today, online math tutoring is accessible to pretty much everybody. Here are 3 factors that validate the idea that personal math tutor is no more the preserve of the few.



The availability of math tutoring has been very much dependent on location. If you can’t find a tutor nearby, you may need to pay for gas to access one who lives further away. Even then it may be hard to find one who is willing to make the commute. This can make getting math tutors for kids hard for some parents. With an online math tutoring service however, personal math tutor is no more the preserve of the few.



The going rates for math tutoring are neither fixed nor regulated, and they can range between $15 to over $80 an hour. Depending on your region, the type of math, and the age of the child, you may be tacking several hundred dollars onto your monthly budget just to help your student pass math. This is a prohibitive cost for many families, no matter how much they may care about their child’s academic success. However, with the rise of online math tutoring services, there may be light at the end of the tunnel for those who simply cannot afford traditional tutoring.



Technology today makes personalized tutoring even more affordable with online services that can be accessed from home at any time of the day or night.


The Best of Both Worlds

Online math tutoring brings you the best of both worlds. You have the convenience of having your child tutored in your own home, with the assurance of a quality tutoring service like Growing Stars.


Growing Stars offers affordable rates, lots of progress monitoring tools, and requires tutors to hold a master’s degree in the subject they teach.

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