How Online Tutoring Can Help ADHD Students Succeed

November 8, 2023

ADHD is a challenge, but it doesn’t have to derail your child’s academic success. Come see how growingstars.com can help get your child back on track today with online tutoring programs for ADHD students.

Virtual Learning in San Jose

Students diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) often struggle with their schoolwork in traditional classroom settings. According to the National Institute for Mental Health, children with ADHD can be predominantly hyperactive-impulsive, predominantly inattentive, or both. Hyperactive-impulsive children struggle to sit still and work quietly, which often interrupts classroom learning. Predominantly inattentive students have trouble focusing on tasks and are typically disorganized. Most children are diagnosed with a combination of symptoms.

While medications are available to treat ADHD, non-drug interventions focus on behavior. WebMD encourages parents to create structure and routine when it comes to homework, and the American Psychological Association recommends that teachers give step-by-step instructions directly to ADHD students.

Unfortunately, students can fall behind despite parents’ and teachers’ best efforts. Modifying behavior takes time, and many ADHD students need extra one-on-one help to make up for the instruction they’re missing in a distracting group setting. For these students, online tutoring can make a big difference.

Making Online Tutoring Work

For the ADHD student, it’s important to make sure that the tutoring environment fits in with established routines and the overall behavior plan at home. Set your child up for success by considering the following:

Routine: Sessions should take place at the same time each day or week, and the laptop should be in the same location each time. It’s helpful to schedule snacks and bathroom breaks before the session to reduce interruptions.

Visuals: “Meet” with the online tutor an area of the home isolated from distractions. This should be a low-traffic area without additional screen or toys.

Sounds: Inattentive learners are often distracted by sounds, so be sure tutoring takes place in a quiet location. Headphones are crucial in helping ADHD students focus on the online tutor’s lesson.

Physical needs: Hyperactive learners often need to move their bodies; trying to sit still can actually be a distraction. Sitting on a yoga ball or in a rocking chair can help meet this need before it becomes out of hand.

Choosing an Online Tutor

A skillful tutor is knowledgeable about subject matter, teaching methods and can provide seamless support with the curriculum and textbooks used at your child’s school. Growing Stars is a pioneer in online tutoring and has a record of success and rave reviews from educators and families alike. Growing Stars works to develop an individualized plan to meet your student’s needs and assign you a highly-qualified tutor. You’ll work with the same tutor every session to provide consistency offer positive reinforcement of your student’s progress.

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