One-on-One Tutoring: Tutors at Your Fingertips

October 3, 2023

A number of universities and secondary schools throughout the United States have started offering online courses. With schools increasingly working with virtual providers, personalized one-on-one tutoring is gaining increased acceptance as a cost-effective way to get educational help at home.

When we talk about Internet-based learning, we are referring to a variety of tools and applications that take advantage of the now nearly universal access to the Internet. These include whiteboards, Skype, Google Docs, YouTube and others. In addition to the presence of several tutoring applications available in the marketplace, more advanced and sophisticated tools are also being introduced to enhance the user experiences in Internet-based learning.

One-on-One tutoring student

Instant one-on-one Tutoring

Since the Internet has become affordable for many, ordering the services of an online tutor has become an easy task. Amid rapid growth in service providers offering customized one-on-one tutoring, students can use a credit card to connect with a live tutor—sometimes in less than a minute. Such 24/7, no-appointment-needed services can be especially helpful to students with tight budgets or busy schedules, or those in remote areas.

However, there are significant advantages to sessions scheduled in advance, as such scheduling gives tutors sufficient time for preparing the lessons. These scheduled sessions are most needed in the case of longer-term tutoring projects. However, what might be termed “instant” online tutoring can be helpful for someone who seeks immediate help for very specific questions or exam prep.

Planned one-on-one Tutoring

From the above, it can be argued that planned one-on-one tutoring is the best program for most elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as for college students and those of whatever age who are learning another language. In such one-on-one tutoring programs, prices typically range from about $24 to $45 per hour.

These prices are usually less than what many skilled tutors charge for in-person sessions in a student’s home. Since no travel is involved in the one-on-one tutoring programs, they present students with more flexibility in scheduling sessions—which can be a real advantage if the student just needs a few quick questions on a homework assignment, or to prep for a quiz.

Additionally, one-on-one tutoring firms have advantages of economies of scale: they can gather large groups of highly qualified tutors to work with students around the world, providing their clients with resources that would otherwise be available only to those living in the largest cities.

Learning tips for one-on-one tutoring students

Since its inception, one-on-one tutoring has offered tremendous benefits for students. Online tutoring allows students the benefit of learning complex subjects and topics in a one-on-one environment without having to leave their homes. This greater flexibility and access to unlimited study materials make learning easier than ever before. In addition, the availability of robust tools such as video chat, e-mail, and instant messaging allows students to have interactive tutoring experience in a convenient yet powerful learning environment.

Indulge in instant interaction

There can be occasions where communication between online tutor and the online student doesn’t resume due to the continuous lecturing.  One of the most frustrating aspects of one-on-one tutoring is the inability to see what the other person is doing if the video option is turned off. To counter this risk, we have come up with a nice plan that both online tutor and online student actively engage in online tutoring sessions. Instant communication makes learning a bit more active. Students must ask a question and clear their doubt whenever they have doubts or lack of clarity on a particular problem or topic.

Take part in regular exercises

In addition to answering students’ questions in a timely manner, online tutors also make an effort to communicate with students regularly. They also give frequent exercises to students to ensure understanding of the material covered in the sessions. Some online tutors check in with students in between tutoring sessions to see how things are going. Thus, online students can clear up any problems and ask questions related to their exercises. Online students must perform regular exercises and master the topic with the dedicated support of the online tutor.

Evolution of web-based tutoring in the age of advanced technology

The latest developments in educational technology have led to improvements in online learning. Smartphones and other modern devices help children to focus more on learning in ways that make it easier for them to master subjects. Students tend to favor smartphones, netbooks, and tablets over older media such as textbooks. Touch-screen technology has strengthened this trend, and the way learning evolves is being redefined by the way technology changes.

The advent of web-based learning  

For several centuries, textbooks were the primary source of reliable information and the first place students would go to advance their studies.  However, the content of textbooks is often pitched at a mass audience (“one size fits all”) and may become quickly outdated. The advent of web-based learning resulted in radical changes in academic techniques and practices. As a result, more and more students and teachers have begun using web-based resources. Web-based learning has leveraged student engagement with various topics and offered them access to fresh and varied content and data.

Focus on modified online learning tools

Recent years have witnessed a tremendous improvement in the application of one-on-one tutoring. The number of universities and colleges providing online courses has increased, as innovative and sophisticated technologies were introduced. Among these were online tutoring whiteboards with advanced features such as touch screen, live interaction, file sharing applications, and other collaborative tools. Dynamic e-learning portals also came into existence. Even digital texts books and course materials which can be automatically updated to reflect the latest academic research have also emerged.

Robust user experience

Modern one-on-one tutoring solutions are primarily focused on user experience across multiple devices, access methods, and platforms. A web-based learning environment should provide students with clear directions on subject and content. User-friendly and intuitive online learning platforms help students to stay active in learning. Moreover, modern online learning tools encourage student interaction, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

Learning essentials for a successful online one-on-one tutoring program

There is a clear path to online learning, which involves successful and meaningful communication between tutors and learners. This sort of successful learning takes advantage of advanced technology. Those organizations which made significant investments in online-based learning about a decade ago are now reaping the success of their foresight.

Happy student studying through One-on-One Tutoring

Quality learning materials

The availability of quality e-learning materials is vital to the success of effective one-on-one tutoring programs. Good content can help students take in the topics the tutors are covering, and help them practice their skills. The quality of the content can inspire children and lead them to master challenging subjects. High-quality content encourages and facilitates an effective learning environment. It is not necessary that tutors create online materials from scratch, as many websites have free content; they may also make use of local libraries or online bookstores.

Finding the right online tutoring company

Finding a high-quality online tutoring company is very easy today, as most of the online tutoring agencies offer free demo sessions and risk-free trial sessions. However, it is highly advisable to find an online tutoring company which offers the service of education managers who provide continuous customer support and function as a bridge between students and tutors.

Availability of powerful electronic devices

Getting to a one-on-one tutoring session is more effective and fruitful if both tutor and student use up-to-date technology such as computers, tablets, headsets, writing pads, and high-speed Internet access. It is always a good idea to make sure the student is ready for the tutoring session at least 10 minutes before it actually starts. This practice enables the learner to avoid any technical problems that could take productive time away from the session.

Quiet and private spaces

Distractions can ruin a tutoring session. Students must be provided with space where they can remain quiet and undisturbed throughout the entire lesson. It is a good idea to choose a study room with a door that closes to block out any noise. A quiet study room helps a student to focus fully on learning and to stay away from distractions.

There are countless benefits to hiring the service of a one-on-one tutoring company—including cost-effectiveness and convenience. Hiring the service of a learner-centered e-learning company such as Growing Stars is one of the best decisions a good parent can make.

Latest trends in one-on-one tutoring

The convenience and effectiveness of one-on-one tutoring is attractive to both parents and tutors. From its inception, online-based learning has revolutionized the way K-12 and college students are able to accomplish academic feats. The one-on-one tutoring sector is going through tremendous changes due to technological advances and innovations, which open up new avenues for effective learning.

One-on-one tutoring, made possible by sophisticated new technology, offers students a myriad of advantages unavailable from traditional courses. These include reducing travel time and expenses, and the comfort engaging in the session in one’s own home. As a result, many modern students opt for online tutoring over in-person instruction in a tutoring center. As in other modern industries, e-learning experiences trends driven by changes in technology.

Mobile learning

Mobile learning has been getting a good deal of attention lately. With the advent of e-learning apps for Androids, iPhones and Windows mobile phones, e-learning has become easier for students. More and more online tutoring companies are developing app-based online tutoring programs for students. Access to learning materials and whiteboards via an online app provides flexibility to students who need quick and simplified assistance outside the traditional classroom setting.

Game-based learning

Gamification in learning has become increasingly popular in recent years, as several companies and institutions have developed games for serious educational purposes. Such games not only improve the quality of learning but are also helpful in developing a learning-centered culture in students.

Video infographics

Infographics plays a crucial role in e-learning. Professionally created infographics are used to teach students e-learning content, in subjects ranging from the simple to the highly complex. Infographics share information in a visual medium; the appealing design and visual presentation of subject matter help infographics make e-learning effective.

Cloud-based learning

Everything digital is going cloud. This is the one reason so many learning management systems (LMS) and online tutoring tools are now switching to cloud-based platforms. Cloud computing-based online tutoring offers improved flexibility; in addition, the cloud-based online tutoring companies can offer students access to a large stock of videos and course materials.

Grasping Math Concepts With the Help of an Online Tutor

In many subjects, students can acquire and retain all that they need just from classroom sessions and reading the textbooks. However, math requires highly organized thinking, as the higher elements of math build upon the earlier, simpler concepts.

Similarly, understanding more advanced math requires a very solid comprehension of all the more basic elements. The job of an online math tutor is to help students get past the hurdle of math anxiety by making sure that they have such a solid foundation. Having a well-organized study strategy for math learning can help online tutors and their students with attaining mastery of complicated math concepts.

Start Studying with a Plan

A subject such as math requires a proper lesson plan and clear learning objectives. Students will be reviewing math concepts during every one-on-one tutoring or home learning session, but as complex ideas challenge them, students will want to start setting aside some time devoted specifically to mastering advanced concepts and formulas. This will work well with the support of an online tutor who is experienced and has sound knowledge in various areas of mathematics. Dedicated support from an online tutor can improve the way a student learns this kind of complex subject matter.

Game-Based Learning

Every tutor has a different approach to teaching math. Some tutors will design the lesson plans based on knowledge of their students’ learning styles and preferences. The more an online tutor knows about the students’ strengths, the more the tutor can help the students during the session.

Some tutors use charts, pictures, and other fun math tools to make math seem more like an enjoyable and challenging game, rather than a dreaded task. This kind of learning may help students in grasping complex math facts. By offering printable resources such as flashcards, online tutors offer students a way to keep focused on their math skills, even after the session is over.

Tests and Quizzes for Effective Learning

Conducting short tests and quizzes can be helpful for online tutors to assess how well their students are grasping the concepts of math. If an online tutor measures the progress of students by conducting regularly scheduled tests or quizzes, the result can be a great increase in their confidence levels.

These quizzes should not be held too frequently, as the great majority of tutoring time should be spent in improving the students’ skills rather than checking their progress; however, the occasional use of tests or quizzes can be helpful for both tutor and pupils in the overall learning process.

Growing Stars’ intuitive online learning platform enables students and math tutors to talk, share files, draw diagrams, and exchange ideas and messages. For further information, please contact our online tutoring experts at www.growingstars.com .

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