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IGCSE Chemistry Exam Preparation

IGCSE Chemistry Exam Preparation

Topics included in IGCSE Chemistry help students to gain an understanding of the basic principles of Chemistry, enabling them to attain a better grasp of the scientific and technological advances of today’s world.

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The basic knowledge needed for further study at Cambridge International A Level is obtained by studying:

Matter: the particulate nature of matter, experimental techniques
Atoms: elements and compounds, atomic structure, chemical bonding, macromolecules
Stoichiometry: mole conversion
Electricity and chemistry: chemical energetics
Chemical reactions: rates of reaction, reversible reactions, redox reactions, acids, bases, and salts
The Periodic Tables: metals, sulfur, carbonates
Organic chemistry: hydrocarbons, reactions, polymers

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Our experienced online IGCSE Chemistry tutors help their students to develop skills such as accuracy, precision, and objectivity, all of which are highly relevant to the study of Chemistry. Students learn to evaluate the usefulness of various approaches and methods and to develop a systematic approach to problem-solving.

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