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IB English HL & SL Exam Preparation

IB English HL & SL Exam Preparation

The IB (International Baccalaureate) English program covers a range of literary works of different styles, genres, and periods, to promote appreciation of literature and to widen the outlook of students through the study of works from other cultures.

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The course covers Language in Cultural Contexts, Language and Mass Communication, Literature-texts and contexts, Literature-Critical Study, Written Tasks, and Textual Analysis. SL & HL are differentiated by the depth of the syllabus, number of hours of study, and the ways in which the students are assessed. Examples of differences include the following: in SL, students need to address only one passage, while in HL, a comparative investigation of two passages is involved;  in written tasks, HL has four tasks, of which one should be a critical response, whereas SL has only three.

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The online IB English tutors of Growing Stars provide our students with ways to study literature effectively. We enable our students to build up an understanding of the methods involved in literary criticism, powers of expression in written communication, and a grasp of detailed analysis of written text. Our students acquire all the proficiency needed for the IB English exam from the guidance and assessment of our expert online tutors.

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