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GCSE Physics Exam Preparation

GCSE Physics Exam Preparation

Physics is the fundamental theory of the constitution of particles, radiation, fields, and forces which are inter-linked to form cohesive models. From such models, extensive arrays of ideas, from the development of the universe to the various ways in which new technologies may be invented, have emerged. GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) Physics helps students to comprehend scientific disciplines, and develop a well-rounded interest in the technological developments changing today’s world. Students learn the fundamental ideas of Physics, and their relevance and impact.

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The course covers a wide range of topics, including Energy, Forces, Motion and Waves in Matter, Light and Electromagnetic Waves, Electricity, Magnetism and Electromagnetism, the Particle Model of Matter, Atomic Structure, and Space Physics. Through the concepts illustrated in these topics, students understand how many phenomena of the natural world are described by key ideas which are of universal application.

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Growing Stars challenges our students to think about and appreciate the vast physical world. Our professional online GCSE Physics tutors enable our students to enhance their analytical skills and critical approach to scientific study.

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