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Creative Writing Tutoring

Creative Writing Tutoring

Grade 11- 12

Our Creative Writing sessions focus on helping students to meet grade-level expectations in writing skills by guiding them through the various stages of producing well-written, error-free essays that meet the Common Core Standards.

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The Growing Stars tutors lead our students through each step in writing well-thought-out arguments, which not only support the claims made but also anticipate any counter-arguments. Students are also taught how to employ appropriate language to create a cohesive, structurally strong essay. Out tutors also provide help in writing explanatory essays, and developing narratives of real or imagined experiences using appropriate vocabulary and conventions. These learning activities facilitate developing writing techniques, perfecting one’s style of writing, using research tools, and integrating ideas and materials seamlessly into the essays. Assistance is also provided in understanding literary texts and literary terms, based on analytical methods that produce insightful essays that meet the required standards.

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The Online tutors of Growing Stars help our students in understanding the conventions and mechanics of writing, thus empowering them to write, reflect upon, and review their writing, in order to reach higher levels of proficiency.

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