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AP Physics C Mechanics Tutoring

AP Physics C Mechanics Tutoring

AP Physics C Mechanics is a capstone course in Physics for those students planning on majoring in Physical Sciences or pursuing a career in Engineering or Architecture.This rigorous course is a deep and intense discovery of Calculus-based Newtonian Mechanics as described in the AP Calculus BC course. AP Physics C Mechanics tutors are available for your tutoring needs.

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Students will have to investigate topics in Kinematics, which includes Vectors, Vector Algebra, Coordinate Systems, Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration, Motion in one dimension and two dimensions including Projectile Motion; Newton’s Laws of Motion, which include Static Equilibrium, Dynamics of a Single Particle and Systems of two or more Objects; Work Energy and Power, which includes the Work Energy Theorem, Forces and Potential Energy, and Conservation of Energy; System of Particles and Linear Momentum, which includes Center of Mass, Impulse and Momentum, Collisions and Conservation of Linear Momentum; Circular Motion and Rotation which includes Uniform Circular Motion, Torque and Rotational Statics, and Rotational Kinematics and Dynamics; Angular Momentum and Conservation; Oscillations and Gravitation which includes Simple Harmonic Motion, Mass on Spring, Newton’s Law of Gravity, and Orbits of Planets and Satellites.

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Growing Stars tutors help our students to build up a deep understanding of the core concepts in AP Physics C Mechanics and the Laws of Physics through the application of accurate mathematical techniques. Our highly competent online tutors assist the students in solving complex Physics problems using both Differential and Integral Calculus. Our tutors aim at developing a detailed analytical approach in our students, which facilitates recognition of mathematical patterns and the application of this understanding in solving problems that require mathematical rigor.



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