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AP Physics 1 & 2 Test Preparation

AP Physics 1 & 2 Test Preparation

AP Physics 1 & AP Physics 2 are college-level courses providing an introduction to the principles of Physics, providing a foundation in Physics for work in the Life Sciences, Pre-medicine, and other Applied Sciences. We emphasize intuitive understanding of the principles of Physics, experimental investigation, and creativity. We use open-ended questions to assess students’ ability to explain their understanding of concepts.

We emphasize using mathematical reasoning to illuminate a physical situation, interpreting physical information, describing and explaining the sequence of steps in the analysis, etc. Our course includes tips on laboratory-related questions for designing experiments, analyzing data, displaying data in the graphical or tabular form, analyzing errors, communicating results, and drawing inferences and conclusions from experimental data.

Prep for AP Physics Tests online – AP Physics 1 & 2 Test Preparation

Students with concerns about success on the AP Physics Tests can benefit from our online tutoring program. The tutors at Growing Stars provide effective help for both the AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2 Tests. This program identifies specific areas that are a matter of concern and works on those to improve test scores.

Hire an expert Physics tutor

An AP Physics Test should not be a nightmare, especially when a personal tutor is readily available. Our experienced AP Physics Test Prep tutors help students attain their best results. At Growing Stars, we have a team of experienced tutors who are trained to help with the pressure of tests. A well-qualified online AP Physics  Test Prep tutor can improve confidence and scores.

• Concepts – 72 hours
• Review (In the month of March) – 12 hours
• Review of 4 full-length tests/test-taking tips and strategies (In the month of April) – 12 hours

Pricing table
8 Hours/Month
4 Hours/Month
Customized programs are available. Call us at 1800 499 4769 to learn more.